Parental Control for Android – What You Need to Know and How to Do It?

Parenting has become a huge challenge these days. There was a time when parents have to check the activities of their kids and mend their ways. But nowadays, they also have to make sure the kids are safe on their smartphones as most of the kids have phones. What parents do in order to ensure the safe use of smartphones for the kids is called parental control.

There are two ways to do parental control on Android phones. The first option is to use the default features provided in the android devices and the second is to use a third-party app. We are going to talk about both of the options and how parents can do it. Parents will be guided about everything on how and what to do for better parental control.

Parental Control on Phones

Here comes the first option for parental control. It has been years since Android OS started featuring parental control options. The purpose is to let parents ensure the safe use of smartphones for their kids. On the phone of your kid, you will need to optimize the settings or create another account. This account will be used by your kids. They will not be able to access adult or such other types of content.

Steps to Use Parental Control

The new account will not allow the kids to do certain activities. In parental control, such features are added in order to make it easy for the parents to create a new account for the kids and teens. Steps to use parental control on Android phones are given below.

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Now go to the select users’ option.
  • Now click on add user.
  • You will be required to set up a new account for the kids.
  • Follow any screen instructions while you create it.
  • You will be given options like to allow the kids to download apps or not.
  • Choose from these options that are safe for the kids.

BlurSPY Location tracker app

You need to be careful and not allow your kids to access adult content, app downloading and other options. The device should be restricted for calls, messages, social media and other productive purposes. However, even though these options are used, parents still need to monitor their kids via a spy app or parental control software.

Using a Parental Control App

The other option is to use a parental control option. When you set up a new account for the kids on android phones, few things still need to be checked. Like the phone calls. Parents should know who their kids talk, what they do on their text messages and what their activities are on the social media sites. These things can be tracked if parents use a good parental control app.

Nowadays, a number of parental control apps are available in the markets. But the issue is users have no idea which is the best option for them. So we recommend usingBlurSPYapp. It is the best and the safest software that helps you monitor the android phones of your kids and anyone else. The app is really easy to use and features an attractive design. You will be very comfortable while using this parental control app.

BlurSPY- The Best Parental Control App

Using a Parental Control App

With this app, the parents can keep eyes on their kids. It should be noted, if you use BlurSPYphone spy app, you will not need the parental control options in the settings. Only this app will suffice and can meet your needs of digital parenting. Following are some of the best features of BlurSPY app.

  • Call tracking feature to intercept and record live calls
  • Message tracker for parents to check text messages
  • GPS location tracker to track the live locations of your kids
  • Social media hacking to keep eyes on social media stuff
  • Screen recorder feature which captures the screen of the phone
  • Multimedia management for images and videos

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