Rough Diamond Engagement Rings – Stunning and Unique

For generations, diamonds have relentlessly been linked to an image of sparkling brilliance. The more shiner the stone, the more elegant, luxurious and opulent one would appear. A trend has surfaced over the last few years and that is showcasing rough or unpolished diamonds in engagement rings and other jewelry. It may sound peculiar that possessing such an expensive item and then intentionally hide the main feature that has traditionally been associated with its beauty.

However, in the context of the way world trends have evolved, it makes perfect sense. Many brides to be, are on a lookout for unique engagement rings that defines tradition and their unique personality. Raw diamond rings could be a beautiful option for them and they are distinctive and organic looking giving one of a kind feeling.
Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Raw diamonds are incredibly gorgeous for an engagement ring, but some of you out there who are not quite sure what sets them apart, let me explain.

What are the Rough Diamonds?

Rough, raw or rustic diamonds, whatever you name them, are the diamonds that are not shaped in any particular form by a cutter and has not undergone any processing or polishing. The effect highlights the natural shape of the diamond to appear as a regular stone and not a precious gem. Historically, rough or raw diamonds were believed that the stones in their natural form have healing properties and would attach unique energy to the wearer.

Rough diamonds are available in every colour imaginable from white, yellow and grey to rare shades of blue, brown and red. The rough stones give a cloudy appearance meaning they have inclusions which give each stone its uniqueness and a lot more personality, while this doesn’t mean that raw diamonds don’t shine. They have a subdued shimmer that catches the light at various angles of the diamond’s uneven surface. Since no two rough diamonds are alike, they create truly unique engagement rings.

Rough Diamond Shapes

Rough Diamonds
Surprisingly enough, rough diamonds also have shapes. Though, they can be extremely varied more or less round or angular and sometimes even elongated and thin. The triangular ones are more common and known as octahedrons which give an appearance of two pyramids stuck together. Half-octahedrons are also found which resemble tiny pyramids. Then you can have flatter triangular shapes that are called macles.

Strangely enough, rough diamonds are also found almost perfectly round called as balas. It has a characteristic that it can’t be cut, unlike other rough diamonds.

Contrary, to these geometric shapes, totally irregular shaped rough diamonds are also available. These can be either smooth like a pebble or very angular and jagged.

Whether geometrical or irregular shaped, every single rough diamond strikes as a one of a kind treasure and make for unique engagement rings with diamonds.

Rough Diamond Shapes

So, if you are a woman on a budget seeking a diamond engagement ring, rough and raw diamond might be the answer.

That said, if you are looking to buy a rough diamond ring here are few tips to help you out.

Rough Diamond Buying Tips

When buying rough diamonds, you would need to look at the following things.


Although clarity is not a definitive way to identify rough diamonds, this characteristic refers to how many flaws there are in a diamond and how visible they are. Rough diamonds with few visible inclusions are more valuable than stones with many prominent flaws.


For the colour as said earlier, they are available in every shade imaginable, but most have yellow or brownish tint and the stronger it is, the less valuable the stone is. Rough diamonds with less visible hue are more valuable and colourless diamonds are scarce. If you opt to buy a colorless diamond, you would need to pay a higher price.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is a unit of measurement which expresses the weight of the diamond and other gemstones. The carat weight and price are directly proportional so as its rarity and cost, bigger stones are more valuable since they are rare. 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2g. However, rough diamonds of a higher carat weight are not always more expensive than smaller ones. If a rough diamond has many visible flaws, its higher carat weight might not make it more valuable than a diamond that is smaller but cleaner.

Rough Diamond Buying Tips

This is what to look for when buying rough diamonds for the engagement rings. Rough and raw diamonds are inherently unique, their off shapes make setting in an engagement ring a significant task for the jewellery designers, meaning your ring requires much technique to make it extraordinary and the jewellery designers at the Australian Diamond Company have that expertise and experience to make stunning rough diamond engagement rings suiting your style and personality.

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