Amid these hard times when the whole world is battling against the unhealthy, we all are home locked! The pandemic has made us appreciate the homestay and make our lives safer. People spend their entire day in eating good food, spending time with their loved and closed ones, or having some excellent drinks sitting on their couch, recalling some of the pleasant memories! This article is a collection of top seven antique, rare whiskeys to enjoy at your home during the lockdown intended for people who love to booze with their loved ones! Buy it immediately after reading the article!

1. Yamazaki Single Malt 25-Year Whiskey

Yamazaki Single Malt 25-Year Whiskey

Jim Murray, the man of ‘World Whiskey Bible,’ says that Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask is undoubtedly the best whiskey in the world. It owns 97.5 ratings out of 100. This 25-year-old whiskey is almost impossible to find, besides it is an exquisite and exceptional brand to have in your home bucket. The Yamazaki 25-year single malt will cost you about $2,000, and you won’t easily find in the nearby liquor store. Ginsberg and Chan liquor stores in Hong Kong have a few bottles left in their possession, and they offer it at a price of HKD 16,000 or a bit more than $2,100 US.

2. Royal Salute 38-Year Whiskey

Royal Salute 38-Year Whiskey

This blend got its title from the Stone of Scone, i.e., the coronation stone of primitive Scottish kings! Royal Salute – old stone of destiny is a blended scotch made out of whiskeys dating back to 38 years old time. This whiskey is a label by Chivas Regal to compete with its exclusive 50-year-old blend launched a decade before even that! The whiskey is affordable with an active price of $750, packed in a flask by Révol porcelain. Be quick to buy one of your lockdown companions (a whiskey bottle) out of the only 600 bottles available worldwide!

3. Mortlach Single Malt 25-Year Whiskey

Mortlach Single Malt 25-Year Whiskey

There are plenty of fans of Johnnie Walker Black. There are a plethora of people who love Canadian black velvet whiskey. Let me tell you that fans of both these would love the premium Mortlach Single Malt blended whiskey by Johnnie Walker in four variants. These four distinct blends are the Rare Old with $130 price tag, the 18-Year with the $300 label, the 25-Year, and the ‘Special Strength’ whiskey. All the ones who are extreme enthusiasts of whiskey should assuredly grab the 25-year variant before it gets extinct! The addiction to this whiskey will never want you to leave your home.

4. The Balvenie Single Malt 30-Year Whiskey

The Balvenie Single Malt 30-Year Whiskey

The 30-year-old whiskey named The Balvenie Single Malt is the one you will rejoice while you are enjoying your company in the house. The blender, Mr. David Stewart, used the oaks and European Sherry Casks to make this splendid Balvenie 30 year scotch. The old aged whiskey is a combination of smoke, bacon, almonds, roasted coffee, and baking spices that’s a dram on each whiskey collector’s list! You can purchase the Balvenie whiskey deal at $900 for your pleasure at home. Scotland’s emerging whiskey is blended love in the form of liquor specially designed for those whiskey connoisseurs who deserve it!

5. Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 15-Year Whiskey

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 15-Year Whiskey

The Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon by Buffalo Trace is another not easy to find whiskey in nearby stores. You can purchase the 15-year variant for $500 in each alternative block of Manhattan. Well, New Orleans, too, decided not to step back, and sell the 15-year, 20-year, and 23-year old versions of Pappy. The versions range from $1,150 to $4,000. The blended whiskey can add character to your scotch’s collection. Trust me or not, these bottles are barely tempting! The stock of the Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 15-Year variant won’t last for long days. If you truly want to own a rare blend, buy it today!

6. The Dalmore Collection Single Malt Whiskeys

The Dalmore Collection Single Malt Whiskeys

If I tell you, won’t you hustle to buy the whiskeys dating back to the 19th century? Well, well, well, a liquor store from Vancouver is selling the set of the Dalmore Constellation Collection for $139,000 price. These bottles date back to the 1964-1992 era, and you must be knowing what it means to a whiskey savor! The crystal bottles are very attractive and could please anyone for an after-dinner whiskey drink!

7. The Glenlivet Winchester Collection of Whiskeys

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection of Whiskeys

The vintage is the world’s first 50-year old single malt whiskey collection! The maturity of the Vintage 1964 is thankful for the American Hogshead oak cask preservation. Each bottle is the British isles made up of rose gold metals and cairngorm stone. It has its cabinet even! This collection can be bought home by paying a handful of $25,000 at once. The Glenlivet Winchester Collection: Vintage 1964 is the key to your lonely evenings in your home. The single malt blended whiskey is one of the rarest and antique scotch that you are looking for in this lockdown!

Wrapping it up – If you feel isolated from the world, then these whiskeys could let you feel a bit better! I advise you to stay home, stay safe, and accompany yourself and your family with the best whiskeys!


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