What You Need To Know About Sheet Lifter?

Those who have heard about sheet lifter are, perhaps, aware that it is used to provide smooth leg adjustment and create an additional force to the sides of the loads. These lifters allow one to load different sheets of any size and handle it safely. One can adapt those lifters to any crane and take care of any kind of load and material. The purpose behind such equipment is to improve the handling of heavy loads with increased efficiency by adjusting the force. The lifters are typically used to lift multiple stacks of steel or aluminum sheets.

The composition of sheet lifter

There are certain parts that go into the making of a sheet lifter system. There is an electro-mechanic part, heavy-duty hydraulic system, and lights included in the system. In order to control any damage, the product is being covered with extra plastic pads. One can ask for other features to further improve and upgrade the machinery and integrate a heavy-duty crane and radio control system. As the sheet lifter works as a binder between the different sections, it improves the procedures and raises productivity.

The design of a sheet lifter depends on certain factors, such as the description of the load, weight to be lifted, from a minimum to a maximum range of lengths and widths and a maximum height of the load. The design also relies on how the sheets are lifted, as a single sheet or plates, in a single stack, or multiple stacks. The workload cycle determines the use and strength of the Sheet lifters, and these cycles can be light or heavy-duty. It means there can be few truckloads per week or heavy, severe loads per week for each cycle.

The heavy-duty sheet lifters

Many clients ask for heavy-duty sheet lifters to lift and carry different and more substantial sheets and plates. Standard heavy-duty lifters come with machined rack and pinion leg adjustment and are self-locking. They are set with a slip clutch to prevent damage and can be easily maintained low headroom design. One can ask for extended hand wheel, chain wheel leg drive, extended leg heights and shoe lengths, load chain with plate hooks in the heavy-duty sheet lifters.

sheet lifter

One can order sheet lifters based on their need and get a customized solution designed for their company. The purpose behind is to lift sheets of any material, length, and weight, no matter what the size and weight. The sheet lifter is engineered based on a basic standard and can be adapted easily to many applications and industries. The clients can decide the dimensions, special features, and capacity of the sheet lifters based on their needs. A new value-added service is plastic wrapping that helps to reduce the potential for product damage.

The benefits of Sheet lifters

Sheet lifters are used to create fast and smooth adjustment of the sheets. Today, one can order any kind of lifters, no matter what the shape and size of sheets. They can be square or ring and round-shaped, and the fastening forces can be uniformly transmitted laterally by adjusting. The designers and engineers work closely with the customers to understand the objective and needs so as to create the best possible solution.

Look for value-added services while ordering sheet lifters. A good quality motorized sheet lifter can easily pick thousands of wrapped stacks from a conveyor and place them on a shipping pallet. Browse experienced and reputed manufactures when ordering lifters for your needs and ask for numerous optional features. The company you select should manufacture a complete line of sheet lifters that are engineered to meet different capacity and application requirements.

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