Will We Ever See The Back of Back Pain?

The majority of people experience at least some type of back pain in their lives. It usually goes away with a bit of rest but for others, it can be a lifelong ordeal. This infographic from Hussey Fraser takes you through how serious a problem back pain can be and looks at the research taking place in an effort to find a solution. Americans are more than willing to spend money on back pain treatments with $50 billion being spent every year. However, it’s clear that it’s being spent on many back-pain treatments that simply aren’t effective. People seem to be willing to try anything in an effort to cure their back pain, but very little seems to work.

Back Pain

There are many different types of back pain, but the chronic back pain is what people need to be concerned about as it lasts longer than 3 months and requires more drastic action to cure.More research is clearly needed on back pain and we need to understand the many factors that cause back and identify ways to prevent it. Find out more in the infographic.

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