10 Expert Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

Have you ever been standing in front of your closet full of things to wear but couldn’t find the right outfit? Despite the daily routine of dressing up, there can be days that you feel totally confused about what to wear.

More often than not, you dress up according to your morning mood. Still, there are those days that getting your outfit together for a certain day or occasion can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed with all the options available.

There are many fashion guides to assist you in this conundrum. There are articles about trending sandals, hot colors, and the newest fads at your fingertips at almost all times These guides can be helpful, but you may also end up feeling baffled with all the advice presented.

While one guide may say metallic sandals are the newest trend, another might say a more rugged outdoor sandal is the hot item this season. If you’re not actually in the fashion industry you’re sometimes left in the lurch even if you have a guide telling you what you should wear. What is a slide sandal? How do you wear a sandal with a kitten heel? It can be overwhelming.

To help you narrow down these guidelines and resolve your fashion dilemma, here are 10 expert fashion tips every girl should know, broken down into a much more relatable and easy to understand guide.

1. Get to know your body shape

The first rule of fashion is to get to know your body shape. Knowing what type of body you have makes it easier for you to determine the right fit for you and helps determine which parts of your body you want to highlight for the most flattering look.

body shape for party dress

Once you’ve found the right fit fill your closet with the right clothes to complement your best assets. This is the key to starting on your journey to having a great fashionable look every day.

2. Get to know your fashion signature – and stick to it

Most best-dressed celebrities have coveted the title “best-dressed” because they have spent a considerably huge amount of time perfecting their own “uniform.” Jessica Alba flaunts her trim waistline and can often be seen wearing crop tops as her signature style.

Reese Witherspoon is a busy working mother and prefers to wear skinny jeans paired with a tailored jacket and comfy heels. When nice weather finally hits Reese can even be seen wearing the hottest trending sandals while out running errands or heading to meetings.

Helen Mirren is a fashion favorite for designers as she constantly sports full skirts that complement her slim waistline. She even has a signature twirl of her own on the red carpet to make her waist look even slimmer. Genius!

These celebrities are just examples of pros who have fully grasped the concept of creating a signature style. You can do the same thing. Get to know what you really like wearing, what clothing trends you’d like to try.

If you have a fashion icon you really look up to, use that person as inspiration for where to look next. Follow their social media accounts and see which brands they love. Keep those in mind the next time you’re out shopping.

3. Start looking at your closet

Before you head out and go on a shopping spree to buy new clothes, purses, shoes, or sandals for your signature style, you need to check out first what you have in your closet. Spend at least a day sorting out your stuff and organizing which clothes are for work, for the weekend and just for your everyday look.

girls closets

Let go of the clothes that do not complement your new signature style. Give each clothing category its own space in your closet so the next time you are in a hurry you know exactly where you can grab what you need.

Do this before you head out to shop. The last thing you want to do is buy something you already own. That’s never a fun thing to realize once you’re back home with your new purchases.

4. Invest in the right pair of jeans

The right pair of jeans is a fashion staple you cannot overlook. Finding the right kind of jeans for your body type can be a daunting task, but it is a task worth completing.

The right pair of jeans can be styled with many different looks. Jeans are easily dressed up with a blazer and nice shirt or dressed down for the weekend with some fun sandals and your favorite t-shirt.

5. Bold colors are beautiful

Don’t be afraid to try out bold colors – blue, green, yellow, fuchsia, or orange – in your quest to find that signature style that is uniquely your own. Black can make you look slimmer than but incorporating bright hues in your daily dressing routine can spark joy in your life. If you are not that confident yet, start with a bold pop of color in your outfit with something small like a pair of sandals or a belt, then pair them with matching accessories.

6. Find a good seamstress

It is essential to have a good seamstress to contact when you need an outfit tailored to your fit. Having a seamstress to go to is a great way to adjust your outfits and make them truly your own.

They can easily improve the length of your work pants, add darts to your shirts or adjust your dresses to highlight certain parts of your body. The next time you try on something that appeals to you but doesn’t fit the way you’d like it to, try giving your seamstress a call. Chances are they’ll be more than capable of fixing whatever you don’t like.

7. Buy shoes or sandals you can actually wear

Buy shoes or sandals

You are probably guilty of buying a pair of glamorous shoes on sale only to gather dust in your shoe rack. While stilettos make you appear fabulous, it is worthless if you know these types of shoes never taste the pavement outside your house.

The next time you are shopping for sandals and shoes, consider wedges, block-heeled shoes, or a more sturdy looking pair of outdoor sandals that are equally fashionable as stilettos. Fashionable yet functional shoes should be part of your signature look.

8. Make-up and scent can be part of your signature too

Spritzing perfume on your way to a meeting or an event can level up your confidence. Wearing the right colors for your skin tone can turn heads when you walk into the room rocking your new lipstick look. Don’t underestimate the power these things play in really committing to your fashion overhaul and signature style.

9. Accessorize

Accessories can bring your outfit to a whole new level.. A statement necklace can easily transform an otherwise plain dress to a glamorous ensemble. Well-Placed arm cuffs can give your arms a slimmer look.

A hat might just be the flair you needed to complete your wardrobe theme. Using accessories to your advantage is one of the best ways to make sure your clothes look fresh and unique every time you wear them. If you use them right, no one may ever notice how many times they’ve seen you in an outfit before.

10. Age is just a number

milddle age woman fashion

Are you still 22 but want to wear business formal attire?? Try it! Are you 65 and want to flaunt a pair of skinny jeans? Go ahead! When it comes to fashion, there’s no age limit.

You can be fashionable and daring regardless of your age group. Don’t let a number prevent you from trying something new when it comes time to update your wardrobe.

As you can tell, there are a lot of ways to keep your look fresh and up to date. The key is to be adventurous and not be scared to try on new things to find the pieces that best fit you.

Remember to keep in mind the things you’ve learned about flattering your body type and which signature looks you want to try. It might even help to jot a few notes down before you head off to the mall and get overwhelmed by choices.

Most importantly, fashion should be fun. If you see something you like try it out. Nothing is set in stone, even if you do bring along that list. Have fun, play with new seasonal trends. Finally figuring out what your own look really is will be a fashion game changer for the rest of your life.

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