10 Truly Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

Finding the perfect holiday destination is something that most of us spend a reasonable amount of time on. It is also something that most of us struggle with. With time, more people are shifting their focus from the mainstream vacation spots to the more exotic localities that offer unique experiences. Others still prefer sticking to the more renowned places for their holidays.

Regardless of the kind of traveler you consider yourself to be, here is a list of 10 truly amazing places that you ought to visit before you die.

1) Nauru


Located in the northeast of Australia, Nauru is one of the tiniest countries in the world. It boasts a beautiful lagoon that goes by the name of Boada, surrounded by rich tropical vegetation. While at Nauru, one can also enjoy gorgeous white-sand beaches and the freshwater Moqua Well lake that lies amidst the Moqua caves.

2) Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Immortalized by Camila Cabello’s globally acclaimed song by the same name, Havana was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, way back in 1982. Annually, the city attracts more than a million tourists from all over the world. A popular health tourism destination for Latin Americans in particular, the Cuban city is also known for its vibrant architecture, museums and beaches. This place is perfect for a long peaceful vacation, in which case, the issue of accommodation of multiple luggage bags can be overcome by hiring taxis with sturdy car roof racks.

3) Seychelles


Seychelles, an archipelago of islands, is located in the Indian Ocean and is widely known for its diverse wildlife, nature reserves and rainforests. Most tourists visit the place during April and May when the weather here is perfect for enjoying the islands’ beaches, namely Anse Takamaka and Beau Vallon. Its coral reefs further enrich the scenic beauty of the island.

4) Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island, Indonesia

If diving is one of the essentials on your bucket list, this Indonesian island might be a perfect fit. The Komodo island offers a plethora of diving spots and various water sports activities for tourists to enjoy. Originally established to protect the indigenous Komodo dragon, the island now boasts a diverse and colorful wealth of marine life and coral reefs that are appreciated by photographers from around the world.

5) Olympia, Greece

Olympia, Greece

One of Greece’s most valued archaeological sites, the ancient city of Olympia is known for hosting the very first Olympic Games in 776 BC. Historians and archaeologists visit the Museum of Olympia for its treasured exhibits of finds from the ancient site of Olympia. The other popular sites to see are the statue of Hermes, the Olympian Stadium and temples dedicated to Zeus and Hera.

6) The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

A popular travel destination for many, the Galapagos Islands offer a plethora of stunning beaches and rich wildlife found nowhere else. The volcanic archipelago played a crucial role in inspiring Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’, and to commemorate the scientist, a stone bust was built on the Santa Cruz town square. Apart from visiting the El Chato Tortoise Reserve, one can enjoy snorkeling, diving and bird watching on the beautiful island.

7) Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

A place that deserves a lot more recognition as a tourist attraction due to its one-of-a-kind world heritage, the Franz Josef Glacier lies close to various lakes, waterfalls and rainforests. One may indulge in aerial sightseeing, heli-hiking or guided-ice walking and enjoy the hot pools at the glacier site.

8) Choquequirao Archaeological Park, Peru

Choquequirao Archaeological Park, Peru

A fairly unknown spot, Choquequirao is named by the National System of State-Protected Areas (NSSPA) as a Regional Conservation Area due to its plentiful flora and fauna. Commonly called the ‘Other Inca Trail’ with the more popular trail being Machu Picchu, the place is now easily accessible by cable car and a fast road link from neighboring areas. The majestic architecture comprising of chambers, plazas, terraces and various other structures, Choquequirao is sure to be a bountiful delight for those who enjoy the beauty of archaic architecture.

9) Bordeaux Vineyards, France

Bordeaux Vineyards, France

The Bordeaux vineyards are the oldest, largest and one of the most renowned fine-wine vineyards in the world. One may enjoy the delightful wine-tasting ceremonies that are held occasionally by the winegrowers in the area. Further, one can visit the historic villages, Roman Churches and medieval cities that constitute the beautiful area of Bordeaux.

10) Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

Located in the Canadian Rockies, the Athabasca Glacier constitutes one of the six members of the Columbian Icefield. The glaciers of Athabasca have been receding for the past 150 years because of the persistent global warming and climate change. In North America, the Athabasca Glacier is undoubtedly one of the most visited glaciers. Tourists get the opportunity to drink the clear, pure water from the glaciers and walk at the edge of the cliff along the beautiful Skywalk.

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