15 Expert Tips for Your Healthier Lifestyle

Ear, Nose, and throat (ENT) problems may cause discomfort and annoying headache that can hinder your daily routine. You need to be vigilant with your body’s sensible parts and should visit a consultant to make sure that everything is fine. There are many experts including ENT doctors in Mumbai, who provide the best tips to take care of your nose, ear, and throat. Following them can help you a lot in many ways. Have a look-


  • Clean Your Nose Daily: Saltwater and cotton buds are simple yet useful for washing and cleaning your nostrils.
  • Balanced Humidity Level: Dry air can be annoying to the nostrils, but it is highly recommended for maintaining a good level of room humidity.
  • Avoid Dusty Areas: Dusts can trigger itchy and allergies sensation in the nose.
  • Avoid Smoking: DO not smoke or expose your nose to smoke as it leads to the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory channel.
  • No Plucking of Nose Hair: Trim your nose hair if you ever feel uncomfortable due to it, but don’t pluck it.


Keep Ear Clean

  • Avoid Listening Music in Higher Volume: Enjoy your music in earphones at an average volume.
  • Only Clean Outer Part of Ears: Don’t get deep to ear canals as they are sensitive to handle outer force.
  • Keep Earrings Clean: Wearing neat earrings prevent infections
  • Keep Ear Dry: With a clean towel, keep your wet ears dry after swim or shower.
  • Consult Doctor for Ear Pain: Always contact professional in case of ear pain, but, don’t neglect it.


  • Drink Enough Water: By drinking a high amount of water, you can prevent your throat from irritation.
  • Consumer Chicken Soup: It is easy to have chicken soap if your throat is not well.
  • Have Rest: Give your body a rest as much as you can
  • Keep Your Mouth Clean: Brush your teeth often
  • Take Hot Tea: Herbal tea soothes a sore throat.

Therefore, maintain your ear, throat, and nose with ENT specialist in Mumbai and live happily.

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