5 Best Cured Technologies for Beginner Real Estate Agents

With the advancement that technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Technology have made in the past decade, real estate is not the same as it used to be. Buyers want the best of experiences, quicker options than before, more convenience, and certainly a shorter processing time. The good news is that there are a host of tools and technologies like Chatbots and Skip Tracing, etc., for real estate agents, that enable them to be smarter and more efficient.

This post is precisely about these advanced tools that can make work immensely easier than before for beginners as well as pro estate agents.

Integrated Marketing Platform (+ eMail)

Right, emails work, especially when they work in assonance with your marketing platform. Adults may end up checking their emails as many as 20 times a day. Provided your email is customized for the addressee, it really works.

But, it is not possible to send out hundreds of emails a day. This is why automated email marketing. Tools like Mailchimp are easy to set up and can automate your emails within minutes. Mailchimp, in particular, offers to set up to 2000 contacts for free. Simply set up a list, pick a template, customize it, and shoot. Done!


So, you don’t have a big set up yet. You don’t have a dozen executives who can resolve your clients’ queries 24*7. How do you keep your clients engaged?

Through live chat!

And who does that live chat?

Your customized chatbots!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neuro-linguistic Programming have come a long way in helping businesses improve their customer engagement and overall customer experience. All these come together to create simple yet smart chatbots for your real estate agents to cater to uncomplicated client queries.

Skip Tracing

For Beginner Real Estate Agents

Skip tracing for real estate is a great analytical tool. It helps you find any seller, buyer, debtors you need to find on multiple public record databases.

This information is extremely crucial while you are trying to sell or let out real estate. It can even help you so much as tracking down defaulters or missing persons through their driver’s license, vehicle registration details, court records, and even allow you so much as to get in touch with their associates/neighbors.

Skip tracing is one of those tools that are absolutely necessary to maintain credibility and real estate.

Virtual Phone

Well, every realtor displays a for-sale sign with the phone number at the for-sale property that prospective buyers can call at. But do you always keep answering that number? No!

You invest in a virtual phone that sends the caller automated replies and information whether they are calling from a smartphone or a mobile phone. At the same time, this virtual phone number will also register the phone number and/or the email address of the caller, hence letting you add them to your list.

Video eMails

This one is quite cutting edge. Videos are the hottest sellable content. While things like virtual tours may be too costly to invest in for beginners, you can always send video emails to buyers who demand them.

Tools like Animoto help you customize your videos with editing tools and even a logo, email sharing tools like WeTransfer let you send up to 2 GB of videos for free. If it’s working well for you and you need to send more, you can go for a premium package.

Real estate has always been a market that is not only extremely competitive but also extremely dynamic. To be up to date is the secret to survival. So, beginners, invest in technologies like Chatbots, eMail Platforms, Skip Tracing for real estate, etc., to stay relevant and to grow.

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