5 Lip-Smacking Italian Desserts You Must Try

A meal is never complete without a dessert. Especially, when it comes to Italian food, desserts form an integral part of the cuisine.If you love Italian food or are looking forward to try it anytime soon, these 5 desserts which take up an important place on the Italian food menu are for you to try.

Food Log: 5 Sinfully Delicious Italian Desserts:

1. Tiramisu:
Italian Desserts Tiramisu

For the ones who haven’t had the chance to munch onto Italian cuisine a lot, Tiramisu is the only dessert which they might have tried a few times. It is the most popular and yummiest Italian dessert. Originally from Veneto, Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert made up of Egg Yolks, Cocoa, Savoiardi and Mascarpone. This lip-smacking dessert that tastes just heavenly.

2. Gelato:

Italian Desserts Gelato

Gelato is an Italian variant of ice-cream. Made of natural fruit, Gelato comes in myriad flavors. You’ll find this dessert at one of the topmost slots in most of the Italian restaurants menus.

3. Panna Cotta:
Italian Desserts panna cotta

Panna Cotta is another lip-smacking Italian dessert which belongs to the Piemonte region. Served with chocolate, caramel and wild fruits, this is a creamy dessert which Italians love indulging in.
Italian Panna Cotta

4. Tartufo di Pizzo:
Italian Desserts Tartufo di Pizzo

Coming straight from the region of Calabria, Tartufo di Pizzo is a pastry which has a center filled with chocolate. To add onto its taste factor, Tartufo di Pizzo comes covered with cocoa powder and sugar. If you’re based in Australia and want to have some Tartufo di Pizza, try Fedele’s Ristorante which is the best of all the Italian Glen Waverley restaurants.

5. Cassata Siciliana:
Italian Desserts Cassata Siciliana

The last spot on the top 5 Italian desserts list goes to Cassata Siciliana. This yummy sponge cake is made up of ricotta cheese in combination with vanilla essence, chocolate fillings, fruit cocktails and candy peels. Usually covered with the pink and green icing, this is a tasty dessert which you will easily be able to spot on most Italian restaurants menu.

Try these 5 desserts today and give your taste buds a delightful treat.

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