5 Types Of Massage Therapies And Their Techniques

Massage is known to relax body and mind. You are well aware that how much it is effective for reducing stress, relieving muscle aches and improving sleep and mood. But, people get confused while picking the right type of massage. They don’t know which massage they should choose for their treatment.

New massage therapy

If you are one of them, then know basic differences in all the massage types. A good massage is truly treated with healthy benefits. It has many options to provide in their services menus. Therefore, massage therapies in countries like Ottawa, France, Italy, and more are providing consumers according to their problem.

You can easily understand the massage types with its 5 most popular techniques:

  • Swedish Massage: Stress-Free Technique


Swedish Massage


This massage is a combination of long and sweeping strokes that is usually used at the beginning and the end of the massage. Swedish massage is best for relaxation, stress relief, releasing cramped or tensed muscles. After experiencing it, you will definitely feel relaxed in your daily routine.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: Treatment For Pain And Specific Conditions

The latest technique that has specific ailments is a great way to little stress relief and relaxation. Deep tissue is a specific massage treatment focuses on healing the injuries. It is significant for athletes. This massage is also helpful in responding better to the work of very dense tissue.

  • Trigger Point Massage: Relaxation From Muscles Pain

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point Massage focuses on the areas that have the pain rather than massaging the whole body. A trigger point is defined to the area within muscle tissue, due to which pain can be caused in other parts of the body. This pain may be sharp and thus, trigger point massage is worth it.

  • Therapeutic Massage: Enhance Muscle Tone


Therapeutic Massage

This massage is relaxing, but at the end, the massage took a new form in order to reduce the small pain that is left after diminishing the big pain. The patients having injury undergo such regular therapeutic massage for loosening muscles, increase flexibility, and enhance muscle tone. The famous areas providing therapeutic massages in Ottawa and Italy are the best examples.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy: Movement Of Joints Effectively

It is a subset of trigger point massage. A pressure is applied to the areas with muscle spasms or the muscles that are painful when touched. Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that treats chronic pain involving the nervous systems and muscular parts. It is helpful in joint movement effectively.

However, many of you are facing pain, injuries, and disorders in the body. Therefore, massage therapy has come out to be the solution. If you are looking for this treatment, you can avail good results at OC3, Chiropractic and Collaborative care.

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