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6 Awesome Foods To Eat On Your First Date

Dating is one of the initial phases in exploring an individual, of what could be a committed, intimate or long-term relationship in future. Two people meet socially, with a view to understanding each other. They take it forward if develop a liking for each other.

Widespread for centuries, dating has really evolved over the years. It has become less formal and more open now.

Dating has more to do than just exploring the other person. You have the opportunity to learn social skills too. People try and exhibit the best of their qualities on a date. General etiquettes, basic manners and style of conversing are some of them.

Dates are meant to be fun and interesting. But for some, a build-up to their first date brings an element of anxiety. From deciding what to wear to fixing on the right place to meet, can all get stressful at times.

Or here’s a simple tip to make it easy. Try and be your original self. Be what you are and don’t go for makeovers. And that’s how you want even your date to be? Isn’t it?

You can go for a quiet walk in the park, a long drive, or meet over a cup of coffee or a short meal.

More often than not, people fix up for a good restaurant. Understandably so, because food and good food always make for sweeter memories.

Although there isn’t any rule that defines what’s right or not right but some of these foods are better at doing the trick.

Opt ordering for something which is not messy to eat, doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, and doesn’t leave a bad breath later (in case you decide to seal your first date with a kiss).

1. Tapas: You can start off with this wonderful Spanish appetizer. You can order more than one type of tapas as per your taste and liking.



Having a bite-sized food in several small plates is a good testing ground to see if your date has sharing etiquettes besides good cutlery skills.

Tapas pair extremely well with drinks, especially with a bottle of wine.

2. Sushi: When it comes to food that can be easily eaten and has a beautiful presentation, Sushi can’t be left out.

Most restaurants have a wide variety of sushi. Also available in the vegetarian form, this wonderful Japanese dish is prepared using deletable recipes.



Not only because people love to have Sushi all the time, it will also help you to show off your mastery with chopsticks. Or see how your date does it.

3. Wine: Ordering wine can be a little tricky, but without this drink, the date would be incomplete. If you know well about your wine then it’s fine, else do a little research before going on the date.


Did you know the difference between a red wine and a white wine? Your first date might be the perfect occasion to explore the difference.

We all have different taste and buds. Know what works for you and your date. The simple trick is to order a known flavor that pairs up well with most foods. The ones high on the price tag, may not always be the best in terms of taste and flavor.

A red wine usually goes well with red meat and foods with strong flavors whereas a white wine blends well with mildly flavored food.

What’s extremely important is to keep a tab on the intake. No one likes to see people going over the board with too many drinks.

4. Steak: If you are the adventurous types and keen to show your delicate carving skills, order this piece of meat. It is delicious, stylish and clean to eat.

It doesn’t involve any sauce, that leaves out the fear of spilling and unexpected little misadventures.

5. Pasta: Another no-frills food to order on your first date is bowtie or farfalle pasta. It looks amazing on the plate and no different even in terms of taste.


Avoid spaghetti at all costs if you don’t want red rings around your lips after slurping the last bit of it. Also stay away from noodles unless you are extremely confident of having them cleanly every time.

Noodles and spaghetti are a little tough and messy to eat – with all the effort that has to be put in on twirling and rolling it on your fork. You worry all the time of getting it spilled on your dress in its journey from the plate to your mouth.

6. Desserts: Nothing better than a great dessert to make your first date a sweet affair to remember. But here too, you can make a choice. There is a huge variety of desserts that you can select from.

The best part about desserts is that you can have them as and when you like. Yes, desserts are usually taken after the main course but you don’t have to go with the customary norms all the time.


Ice creamsIce creams are fun to have, easy to eat and of course, everybody loves icecreams.

Sponge cake is another great idea for an excellent dessert. Here too, you have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Sponge cakes are easy to eat and you don’t have to worry about spilling and leaving a blot on your dress.

Chocolate is another sweet that is reminiscent of love and romance. Just like an ice-cream, a chocolate too is yum and healthy. It is a pure sin, in fact nothing can be sexier than a chocolate dessert on your first date.

So these were some of the foods that you can consider on for your first meeting. I’m sure there are a lot many you can think of but the trick is to order a food that you both like and are confident enough of handling well.

Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She is a foodie by heart and a big fan of Tesco recipes & food stories – https://www.tesco.sg/food-love-stories

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