6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Growing a Cannabis Plant

New growers are prone to making mistakes when cultivating cannabis plant. The plants need specific nutrients coming from the soil, which is one of the most common mistakes a cultivator overlook.

The term weed is not a coincidence because the plant is resilient and does not need any maintenance to grow. However, even the most experienced growers still face some challenges that lead to mistakes. Learning from mistakes makes you a better grower with every planting season. Get enough resources from articles like this, magazines, blogs, and communicate with growers with enough experience.

The idea of becoming a home grower is to find your way of getting high-quality smoke from suitable strains like love potion strain that leaves you energized, physically and mentally stimulated.

The article will look into the six common mistakes. You are likely to make while growing a cannabis plant.

1. Failing to manage the pH Balance

The pH balance determines the nutrients the plant can absorb, and balance is crucial as it allows your plant to take in the right nutrients. Learn to check your pH levels by purchasing a testing kit. Ideal levels should range from 5.5 to 6.5 for hydroponics and 6.0 to 7.0 for the soil.

All growers need to make sure their pH values are correct to get the best quality cannabis products.

2. Overfeeding with Nutrients

Damaging your cannabis plants can be as easy as overfeeding them with nutrients. Too many nutrients in an instance will cause a nutrient burn, which is evident by browning or yellowing of the leaves.

Growing A Cannabis Plant

Avoid overfeeding by halving their nutrients requirements. Increase the nutrients requirements as you see fit. For the best output, use organic nutrients that sip slowly into the soil. For more information about marijuana seeds, nutrients visit getkush.

3. Early Harvesting

Premature harvesting will reduce the size of the expected output, not forgetting the potency. Be patient and see the flowering process complete by ensuring the trichomes swell before you start the harvesting process. Early harvesting affects the weight of the final product.

4. Using Poor Seed Strains

The type of seed you use for your cannabis farm should not end up as a disappointment. You need to know the difference between the males, duds, hermaphrodites, and runts.

Avoid getting clones from sick plants or those that have undergone poor treatment. The goal of farming is to get quality output like what you get from the top online dispensary Canada has. There is no point in spending a fortune on lights and soil and end up with inferior cannabis seed strains.

A grower who takes to cloning should be more cautious by ensuring the person giving you the clones is trustworthy. Inspect the plants to avoid the spreading of molds, tobacco mosaic, etc. in the whole garden.

5. Not Paying Attention To Proper Lighting

Light controls the height of your final cannabis plant. To produce big buds, marijuana plants need a lot of light. You can learn more about how different light sources affect cannabis growth to get a better understanding.

Growing Cannabis Plants

Getting lights is one thing. The installation of the electrical system is critically vital. You can either do it yourself or get a person with experience to handle the garden lights for you. Getting a dependable lighting system may be costly but will save you the headache of worrying about electrical accidents that may ruin your garden.

6. Cultivating in Poor Climate

As an aspiring grower, you must know the climate conditions in your area. Get the statistics on humidity and temperature in the area and compare them with what yields high-quality cannabis harvest.

Cold temperatures will stunt your garden, and the extreme temperature will kill the plants. Heat stress will hit plants when they are growing under intense heat. The leaves will curl in showing signs of stress and weakness.

Weed is capable of growing at a temperature of 75 degrees F. Try to balance the humidity to discourage mold growth. For the seedlings give them higher humidity and regulate as the plant develops.

Regulate your garden’s temperature by making use of intake and outtake fans, open walls, and dehumidifiers.


The cultivation of cannabis has a steep learning curve. A beginner grower will make unintentional mistakes before getting the right method of planting the precious weed. What matters is how you flow with passion and your resilience to overcome hurdles.

When you have decided to grow your flower, make sure there is enough security in the neighborhood. Consider the plant as a personal asset and may need insurance cover. Some vandals may put your life and that of your family at risk when they break into the garden.

Also, note that growing cannabis plants at home is subject to laws and regulations in every state. The permission does not allow the grower to use it contrary to the legislation in place.

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