6 Exquisite Shrugs that deserve a place in your wardrobe

Dresses with shrugs make a great style statement. If you love wearing dresses, a classic way to amp up your look is layering with shrugs. Dresses with shrugs can make your look go from 0-100 instantly. Shrugs are perfect outerwear for your look, no matter if it is traditional or western. Shrugs are versatile fashion statements because they come in different designs, prints, patterns, and lengths. They are perfect for occasions such as outings, casual days, dates, or even formal and semi-formal events. Be it summer, winters or even spring dresses with shrugs should be your choice to look fashionable.

If you want to wear dresses with shrugs, choose light and breathable fabrics. A heavier fabric will just wear down your look, which is why it is wise to stick to lighter materials. When it gets too hot, sleeveless shrugs are also great outerwear. We have amazing styling tips for you if you want to know how to style dresses with shrugs.

  1. Cropped shrugs with dresses: If you want to wear a floral printed dress or a dress with any print, combine your look with a plain cropped shrug. Your ethnic dress will look chic when you pair it with a cropped shrug. If your dress is printed, you can stick to a solid coloured shrug, but if your dress is plain, a printed cropped shrug will be your best bet. This combination will look killer if you wear it while running errands or on a casual day out.
  2. Checkered shrug: Did you just get invited to a beach party? Have fun in the sun and sand by dressing your best. Give a twist to your party look by wearing a plain black ethnic kurti, which you can layer with a checkered longline shrug. Accessorise with chunky necklaces or bracelets and get into the hippy vibe with this look. You can even braid your hair or tie it in a messy top bun for the perfect beach party look.
  3. Printed shrugs: If you want to pull off a classic and delicate look, opt for printed shrugs. These shrugs will look magical on your plain ethnic dresses, such as a kurti. You can play with colours such as white, black, burgundy or even join the neon trend to make your look more funky and quirky.
  4. Floral printed shrugs: Don’t ditch your layering game in the summer. In fact, amp up your summer look by layering your ethnic dress with a floral printed longline shrug. Dresses with shrugs are a rage during the summers. A solid colour kurti can be paired with a floral printed shrug that you can cinch at your waist with a thin belt.
  5. Asymmetrical shrugs: These shrugs are ideal for kurtis that you plan to wear without leggings or pants. Wear your kurti and layer it with an asymmetrical shrug if you want to dress up for a party. You can either wear kolhapuri chappals or heels to compliment your look.
  6. Front tie detailing shrug: These shrugs are lengthy enough to give you a regal look. If you want to wear dresses with shrugs, opt for a traditional dress that can be layered with a longline shrug with a tie detailing in the front.

With these styling hacks and tips, you can pull off a chic look no matter where you go.


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