6 Things To Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Hair extensions – how many women don’t want them? Very few! It’s the ultimate dream – to sport long, flowing locks without taking a lot of trouble. Hair extensions are great, because it allows you to change your hairstyle frequently and at short notice. But before you go ahead, here are some things you need to know:

    1. Choose an experienced Stylist: Find out if the stylist has previous experience with hair extensions, otherwise they may botch up the job. You don’t want to be a guinea pig – ask friends or family members who’ve got the treatment, or check online for experienced stylists in your area.

    2. There are different types of hair extensions: Depending on your lifestyle, and how often you want to show off your long hair, you can choose from: 1) clip-ons, which you can take off and re-apply as required, and also the cheapest option, 2) tape, which is extensions sandwiched between two pieces of tape, and costs slightly more, plus lasts up to 8 week and needs precautions like not applying conditioner, and 3) keratin treatment which is the most durable and expensive, and natural looking. They can last up to 4 months. Application takes around two hours to complete. This is great for active women, as these extensions can withstand salt water, chlorine and so on.

New Hair extensions tips

  1. Right color: It’s imperative that you get the color down to the perfect shade; match the color of the extension with the ends of your own hair, for a seamless, natural look. This is because the color of your hair may be a little different at the roots.

  2. Quality is important: While synthetic extensions may be way cheaper, they also look that: synthetic; they are also more prone to tangles. For a natural look, we suggest loosening the purse strings, and choosing extensions which are closest to natural hair; they’re more expensive, but will look just like your hair, and not an add-on.

  3. Maintenance is important: just like your natural hair, your extensions also need looking after. You need to comb them to remove any tangles, wash and dry them carefully – if they are clip ons. For taped on and keratin extensions, use gentle shampoos and make sure you don’t condition your roots – only from mid-length towards the ends. Also, extensions could damage your own hair, so make sure you keep your follow up appointments and take proper care of your hair.

  4. When to take them out: first off, make sure that your extensions are light; if they are weighing your hair down, you could experience hair loss. Also make sure that you use the extensions only for the time period mentioned by the salon, and not a day more. Clip-ons should be removed every night before you go to bed to prevent them from breaking.

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