6 Tips for How to Choose a Cricket Bat That’s Right for You

While buy cricket bat, choosing the right cricket bat will make a difference for your game.

Let’s find out six tips that help you to choose a cricket bat that fits best for playing cricket.

1. Choose the right size

Cricket bats come in various sizes. You would assume it would be easier to have a bigger bat, but this is not so.
If you’re a smaller player, you will find it harder to handle a big bat. The key with the size of your bat is to match it to your height. Look online for a height-to-scale map to figure out which model bat will match you.

2. Ball Type

Cricket may be played with different balls: synthetic, cricket, plastic, or rubber. While buying a cricket bat, it will take into consideration the sort of cricket ball you are using.

The tennis balls are not really extremely lightweight. You don’t need a bat that is too thick or heavy because, for those playing with tennis balls, it’s such a lightweight ball.

Nevertheless, the balls of leather and rubber are heavier.

For leather ballplayers, the best cricket bats are more robust and heavier. To exert the same force on the ball, these types of ball require a thicker and sturdier bat.

3. Bat Weight

In addition to age, bat weight is a crucial aspect that can have a tremendous impact on your action. Heavier cricket bats are longer lasting and can affect the ball more.

Lightweight bats are easy to manage, need less power, and can give you a pace of bat overall. Some, however, notice that lighter bats degrade faster and are not as powerful.

The bat ‘s weight will be a significant factor in choosing a bat, depending on your skill as a player.

4. Understand different types of willow grades.

There are various types of cricket bats made of a different grade of willow. There are mainly two differences between willows, that is English willow and Kashmir willow. Overall, English willows are very superior to Kashmir because they last longer and more reliable.

English willows are more pricey, however. Kashmir bats are perfect for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to waste a lot of money to get into cricket.

5. Bat Based on Batting Style

sehwag and sachin buy cricket bat

The bat has a sweet spot, the region that gives the ball the best timing. The sweet spot position depends on the bat’s structure and construction, primarily where more wood is applied to the back of the edge. The form of the bat that you are meant to go with depends on the manner of batting and should be unique. Front foot players are more confident with lower mid cricket bats to match their drives, whereas back foot players typically opt for higher middle bats – suitable for pulls and cuts.

6. Handle Type

And last but not least, we have the sort of stick. It is part of the significant bat: you won’t be able to handle the bat as you like to without a good or relaxed grip. The handle absorbs shock from hitting the swinging bat with a 100 + mph ball. The right handle must give your style and array of shots the right grip and absorb Maximum Shock.

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