7 Easy Tips to Check Your Weight During Festive Season

The festive season is a great time for celebrations, socializing with family and friends and of course enjoying the best of foods and drinks.

Research has shown that an average person gains maximum weight (an extra 1-3 pounds) during the festive season. Unfortunately, these extra pounds gained can well be a permanent baggage and spoil your health in the long run.
But as a matter of fact, you’re not alone. It happens with all of us. There is absolutely no problem in having occasional treats, however, the real problem starts when you tend to binge and overeat.

If you observe caution and adhere to certain small things, you can enjoy the celebrations thoroughly. That too without being guilty of your actions. Here are some tips –

1. Avoid skipping meals before attending a function

If you have planned on devouring rich food at the function or the big party that you are going to attend in the evening, then make it a point to eat before heading out. Never leave on an empty stomach.

The reason is simple. You will eat more if you haven’t eaten during the day. This would make you pick even the foods that you don’t like to eat otherwise.

Eating junk may not be on your mind in the first place but the hanger pang would make you go for it.

It is advisable to have light meals during the day. A small bowl of evening snack is just about perfect for a pre-party meal.

2. Opt for healthy foods at home

At home, it is easier to pick what you crave for. Try and have foods that are high on nutrients and energy. This should continue for the entire week of festivities. Nothing like it if you can hold on even otherwise.

Since festive foods are acidic in nature, you need to balance these out with plenty of alkaline foods like green veggies (spinach, cauliflower), beets, and apple.

  • While making desserts at home, use honey or jaggery. Natural substitutes are any day better than refined sugar.
  • Add more of dry fruits and nuts in order to control cravings. These won’t hit you on energy levels, early depletion of which requires you to eat again.
  • Go for low-fat milk.
  • Prefer baking and steaming over frying.
  • Strawberry yoghurt, apple pie, almonds sweet dish, and poached pears, these are all delectable and healthier options to have.

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3. Moderation and Balance

Moderation is the key if you really want to check your weight during festivities. Scrumptious buffet spreads can only be resisted if you are good with your willpower.

I am not asking you to skip dishes. But ‘Tasting’ should be the keyword than ‘Eating’. You know what I mean?
Resist your temptation of loading your plate with tasty treats like fried foods and cheesy creamy desserts. These rich, calorie-laden foods do little to your goal.

Or if it’s difficult for you to resist these, try cutting down on other carbohydrates like white breads and pastas.

Limit your liquid calories too. Drinks, particularly alcohol and sugary mocktails add to the calorie count very quickly.

Such beverages cause double trouble as they also promote fat storage that shows on your waist. Furthermore, alcohol clouds your judgement regarding mindful eating.

You can also follow this tip – Hit the dining area and take time to tour the dishes. Look at the entire spread and decide what foods are best for you.

Some people also use this technique which often works. The trick is to take a small plate. Even small quantities of food will look bigger in it. Trust me, it is a psychological thing but very effective.

Say NO to second serving even if the host himself is offering it. Tell him you like to taste everything on the menu. That will still please him.

Practise to say “NO” politely. Everyone understands the implications of excess weight and obesity.

4. Eat slowly to avoid weight gain

The speed at which you eat greatly influences the quantity of your intake. Eating fast is, unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to expand your waistline.

Take time to eat. You would be able to enjoy your food because it stays on your tongue for good 15 seconds more 🙂

Bite small and chew your food several times. This way you eat slowly and a smaller amount of food satiates you. A slow intake gives the stomach and brain time to react.

It takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message from your stomach that you are full.

smaller amount of food

5. Focus on socializing

Concentrate on what you are celebrating rather than how great the food is.

For taking the focus off, move around, have fun with your friends. Start a conversation. Indulge in activities.

What’s more, these are calorie-free, so all the more reason to do 🙂

Or hit the dance floor with your partner. It’s a great means of enjoyment. Did you know vigorous dancing can burn up to 360 calories an hour?

Off the party, you can join communities of like minded people. Not only they are a great source of motivation towards weight loss but you can get great friends for lifetime.

They can guide you on weight loss tips. How to go about using waist trainers, sauna belts, vibrators, weighted clothing, detox diet and a number of other things that you always needed answers for.

6. Stay interested in grooming

We all love wearing great outfits and carrying the trendiest labels. Right? Now what it does is that it keeps you active and agile.

You go out for shopping, visit malls and markets, pick accessories for top to toe. Basically, you do everything to look the best. This is a great exercise because you are involved both mentally and physically which requires good amount of energy.

This is a common yet the most effective of all fat burner techniques. Moreover, it’s easier than most other tips because you are not consciously aware of its benefits to your weight.

The party begins the day you get the invitation for it. Build-up to it is as interesting as the party itself. So love yourself. The festive time is the perfect time to pamper yourself.

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7. Sharing is caring for yourself

Do not savor all the sugary sweets and chocolates that you have been gifted at the event, all at once. Instead, have them in small portions over the week. Share them with your friends and family.

If you get too many food items, try visiting the church or an orphanage on a Sunday afternoon and distribute them there. It’s a noble gesture too.

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Keeping your weight under check during the festive season is certainly difficult but not impossible.

What matters is how you picture a celebration. There’s more than just food and delicacies to life. Isn’t it?

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