7 road trip essentials you need to have in your bike and car

A road trip is about fun-filled waves of laughter, posing crazily for selfies and making memories to the fullest but at the same time, trips need to be planned carefully ticking off all the essentials. You make a list of all the things you may need in your dressing or makeup, but here are few things which can make your trip more easy-peasy and exhilarating experience.

Here’s the list of 7 things you need to check out before stepping out of your abode:

1. Technical Stuff

Travel Gadgets
Today gadgets are like oxygen to our survival. Without them, people would be totally lost and unable to find a way. Phone and charger is an inseparable pair. Except for these fully charged power banks, iPads/ iPods with latest song collection, camera, and its charger are must-haves in your traveling bag.

Singing songs all the way can be a bit tiring so here put downloaded music or music applications at work.
And of course how one can forget important bike accessories for emergency purpose.

2. Travelling Kit

Travelling Kit on bike

Keep your car updated with emergency pieces of equipment, spare tire, and best tool bag. Before you hit the road make sure to get your oil tanks filled, check air pressure, break action, and get your car engine battery checked. If you are traveling by bike make sure to carry a tire plug kit, add GPS, carry helmet and gloves, and most important waterproof luggage to your belongings dry.

Minor problem with your vehicle may put up curves on your forehead instead of lips. It is better to keep kit handy and get your vehicle checked to avoid any sort of problem.

3. Homemade Snacks

homemade food

If you are looking to fit your travel snacks into your budget, then homemade snacks are the answer. Yes, they can have variety too. Here are names of few easy to cook homemade snacks like a homemade burger, Banana chips, Pancake muffins, Mini chocolate chip cookies. Don’t these things just sound yummy? I bet you even agree they taste heaven.

Next time before leaving, pack these things and keep your budget safe.

You can be a savior on the trip and get ready to be showered with compliments for your brilliant cooking skills and technique to save money.

4. Medical Kit

car first aid kit

First aid kit should be by your side. It should include first aid manual, emergency phone number, adhesive tape, band-aids, a splint. Also carry medicines for fever, motion sickness, headache, and allergy. Sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 should be kept to prevent skin from burning. These things in your kit will make sure you are able to get an instant first aid if a need arises.

5. Warm clothes to fight cold

Warm clothes for traveling

Whenever you plan to travel, pack your clothes wisely. If weather changes unexpectedly you will be well prepared in advance. Keep cozy blankets, pillow, jackets, and scarf to fight the chills. It is better to have all the options by your side. Don’t forget to check the weather update of the place you are planning to visit. It will help you greatly while packing.

6. Pack all Documents

Pack all Documents for traveling

Moving out without your legal documents ain’t a healthy thing. Your folder of documents should contain your PUC Certificate, which is a must, Registration Certificate, Car Insurance card, important phone numbers, and copies of driving license, etc. Besides these documents don’t forget to carry car air purifier, sunnies, sun blinds for windows, wet wipes, disposal bags, headphones, travel mugs, binoculars, quick-drying towels, stain removing wipes, kitchen towels, maps, travel guide. Carry these things to have a comfortable journey with your family. These road tips to keep you safe while you drive long distances

7. Vanity Kit

Your vanity kit should include these things for sure: Sunscreen, wet and dry wipes, lip balm, hairbrush, hair ties, toiletries, toothbrush, and toothpaste, tweezer and face wash (oil-free). These are some basic and necessary things that should be packed without missing out on any.

I hope this article proved helpful to you. Plan a perfect road trip this year with these tips.

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