7 Ways to to style a white shirt

A white shirt is the sheer definition of class. It is not only for men but also for women. A premium white shirt can be your best investment amongst all the other items in your closet. Be it linen, satin, silk, or cotton; all have their own style game. Though this can be a problem, cause if you do not combine that shirt with correct items, it can be a disaster.

It implies to most of the occasions whether you are going for dinner dates or parties. Guess what? You will no longer have to worry about messing up with your white shirt. We have curated and picked the seven most amazing ways in which you can style a simple white shirt.

For formal meetings:

For formal meetings white shirt

White shirts shall be your go-to options when it comes to official meetings or office presentations. These shirts add a completely different charm to your personality. Before pairing them up with other items, buy the one that is the best fit for you. You can even opt for custom-made white shirts for the best fit and comfort. After this, put on a pair of formal trousers of black or dark grey color, choose a pencil fit over regular fit. Further ahead, put a pair of heels and for accessories wear a black belt and a watch with a small dial.

For beaches:

white shirt for women beach

Beach is the one place where it can be tricky for you to dress. The dilemma between a skirt and a pair of shorts is the most common here for the maidens. Your savior in this dilemma can be a white shirt. It gives a fresh, tropical vibe, and white is any day desirable on the beach. Choose a white cotton shirt that fits well; it can be a bit loose in this case. Underneath the shirt, wear a long skirt; the skirt here can be colorful to create contrast with the shirt. You can choose between floral, geometric, or abstract; even a solid dress would do the job. For accessories, go with a simple bracelet and pendant and necklace. Alternatively, when on the beach, one can also go for fitness apparel that is sweatproof and comfortable.

For clubs:

It is very obscure for some to wear a white shirt to club or eve think about it. A club is a place where you have to go to your decorative clothing. The purpose of doing this is to stand out from the crowd. But if everyone is out there in a colorful dress, a white shirt amongst them stands out. It is valid for women more than men. Go with a loose and comfortable white shirt, unbutton the top two buttons of the shirt. Tie a knot on the lower end of the shirt and keep it up, showing your navel. Pair it up with denim shorts and boots, the length of the shoes can be at your discretion, but they should be a high rise.

For casual outings:

white shirt For casual outings

A white shirt is known to give an informal appeal, provided that you wear it the correct way. Besides, there is nothing better than a light, white shirt on a sunny day. Putting one on, it has your back for rides in the subway or for grabbing a bite in a café. Plus, it is easy to pull off. Go for an excellent fitting white shirt, with it wear a pair of denim jeans, it can be solid or ripped as per the look you desire. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt to your arms and wear a sport or casual watch with it. For footwear, slide into a pair of sneakers as per the shade of the jeans; you can even utilize your shades with this look.

For parties:

A shirt and dress are two different entities, but what if they were combined? The white shirt dress has become rather popular recently. It may not sound as appealing, but it can steal the show when worn correctly. It is an extended version of your usual white shirt, it just extends till above your knees, but still fits well in other areas. Plus, this is well-suited for family get-togethers and parties alike. It can also be your first date outfit if you are looking for something edgy. Go with short heels and wear a necklace that stands out with the white shirt dress.

For vacations:

For those vacations in the country or the alps, this look is precisely for that. You can even wear this on other holidays. A simple cotton white shirt rolled up once with denim, or a plain black skirt underneath is the real deal. It adds a tinge of the country to your attire, and to enhance it, wear high boots. For a more comfortable walk around the hills, go for sneakers underneath. Wear your casual watch and a hat for a bold statement.

For dates:

White shirt For dates

It can be baffling for women when it comes to choosing their date outfit. Not anymore, though! This one is the perfect date outfit for you and will leave your beau awestruck. A netted cotton white shirt over a slip makes a smoky impression. Underneath this, wear a pair of black jeans, with boots. This creates a sexy monochrome attire for those particular dates. Do not forget to wear a watch with a fabric belt with this look.

These were the seven best white shirt looks that have your back on most of the occasions. So, the next time you leave your house for any event or party, you know that a white shirt would not let you down.

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