8 SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic for Magento Websites in 2018

Digital Marketers around the globe know the power of SEO, and the strategies they make, they target search engine optimization as primary because it drives organic traffic. Of all the traffic flows 40% conversion comes directly from Organic Traffic. The better SEO Marketing is done visibility is improved and brand engagement comes into the picture. SEO is never easy but these SEO tips for Magento websites if followed can solve even complicate scenarios.

Magento Website SEO has friendly features like image optimization, URL rewriting or Google Sitemap. The websites which are based on Magento based platform get an extra edge over SEO and help them in ranking their site higher comparative to other CMS and hence drives more Organic Traffic.

8 SEO Tips for Magento Websites to Increase Organic Traffic

Some of the tips which has been discussed below only drives more traffic but also optimize the site for better visibility and improves brand engagement. To connect with the audiences better, you must rank higher, and quality traffic actually comes from organic. These tips are as follows:

1. Latest Version of Magento must be updated

In order to be up to date with the latest industry trends, you must use the latest tools and services. Therefore, you must keep updating your Magento based platform to use the latest releases and this affects SEO in general. AS it has improved security and new methods with all the previous bug being fixed, the search engines pick it better. Therefore, if you want to rank higher, you must update it.

2. URLs must be optimized

Your website is better optimized if your URLs do not have any codes embedded. In order to clean your URLs in your Magento based website, you must follow these steps:

Open System then click on Configuration after that move to Web and then click on Search Engine Optimization and finally click on URL Options from there click on to set “Add Store Code” to “No”.

Post this configuration, you must save it; and this, makes your website friendlier for Search Engines, and it better optimized than others. Also, you may turn Server URL Rewrites to “Yes” to clean the URLs. This even improves “index.php”, which makes your website much more SEO friendly.

3. Right Keyword Use

The SEO tips for Magento Websites which you may use; this, is the most important of all. Before, using any keyword, you must perform some research is analyzing the fact that which keyword should be used. The right keyword which has more traffic flow also boosts organic traffic. You have to manually set the keywords for your SEO. For this, follow these instructions:

choosing the right keyword for Organic Traffic

Editing can be done by you, Go to Configuration Click on Design and select HTML Head. The option will ask you to put Meta tag description, and Site title description with Anchor text if any. The title tag optimization should be keyword focused, and it should be research-based. The Meta tag description should be different and unique as this is what the search engine fetches.

Important keywords must be put at the beginning of the title for better optimization and use of vowels, and conjunctions must be avoided. “It is SEO and not grammar”. This will give you a more SEO friendly website.

4. Product images Optimization

The Magento Development Company should take care of each and everything. While making the website, they must effectively take care of optimization of images as this makes the site SEO friendly. Image titles also help in producing keyword based organic search results, to which normally an organic traffic may flow to your website. Adding alt tags to the images used in your website can help them crawl in the search engine results page visibility.

5. Avoid Plagiarism in Content

It is very difficult for Search Engines to pick content if it has duplicate content already available. This might be on your website or some others websites. If it is on other’s website you must always write unique content and check any plagiarism with Copyscape.

For removing duplicate content within your own website. You must first Go to System settings then click on Configuration option and then Catalog after that select Search Engine Optimization and then, set the Canonical Meta Tags for the Products and Categories to “Yes”.

For not allowing others to duplicate your content you must pre-submit in Google form directory, and other Web Forums to previously claim that it is your content. Otherwise, it becomes very hard for Search engines to decide who the original author is. Your site must be indexed by Google, Bing etc. Therefore, you should also tweet about it and do social media bookmarking. You can prevent the right click option on your website, which also disables “Ctrl+C” feature.

6. Increase the working speed of your website

Magento Website SEO is greatly affected by the loading speed of your website. This affects your site rankings a lot. If your websites load slow, half of the traffic that flow hardly waits. To boost your organic traffic you must speed up your site.

website speed white hat seo

● Go to System and then to Cache management – for enabling the caching features of your site.
● Go to System then click on Configuration select Catalog and then choose Catalog Frontend – this enables the Flat Catalog Product and Flat Catalog Categories.
● Go to System Select Configuration then choose Advanced select Developer option finally click on JavaScript Setting/CSS setting – Used for Merging CSS and JSS file system
● You must reduce the external files which can be downloaded from your web server.

7. Google Sitemap Generation

Google Sitemap generation is very easy. Follow these steps to generate the sitemap.

● Go to Catalog choose Google Sitemap and then click on Add New In the filename type “sitemap.xml”.
● After that in the path field, the directory must be filled where the sitemap.xml has to be saved.
● Then in the Store View select the view of the sitemap, then click on Save and Generate.

8. Robots.txt Files must be modified

If your site is without any real products, Magento adds a robot.txt file, and this prevents search engines from indexing it. It is because by default they “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”. Therefore, to solve this issue, do the following:

Go to System then click on Configuration then choose Design and then click on Default Robots and then you can change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”.


These 8 tips explained above can really help in boosting the organic traffic onto your website, will increase your visibility and search rankings, and your page will index high in the search results. Try it out and boost traffic on your Magento Websites.

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