9 Ways to Transform Your Body in Your Comfort Zone

The following body transforming exercises have been absent from your life for too long—maybe forever. It’s time to stay in your comfort zone and get a ripped body.

The core essence of transforming your body into a phenomenal shape is building inner confidence and self-belief. Setting goals are the next step, however, the urban myth that you need to get out of your comfort zone to get a spectacular body is a thing of the past.

Here are 9 different exercises you can do while remaining in your comfort zone and execute a ripped freak training program. All you need is a skipping rope, heaving bags and boxing gloves.
1. Skipping rope at work


Take 10 minutes out of your daily routine at work to jump rope and in no time you will be skipping rope like a professional boxer without even buying a boxing kit.

Skipping rope

Jumping rope isn’t a mammoth workout but then again it isn’t the least important workout either. So try it and people will start noticing a radical change in your body.

2. Crunches

Crunches are the toughest abdominal exercise that will leave you with a staggering posture after months of doing it right.

You don’t need to hit the gym for abdominal crunches, this robust exercise can be done at your workplace, in your bedroom and your TV lounge, without going out of your comfort zone you can give this exercise a go.


All you require is the right technique and the results will be in front you.

To start, you first need to lie flat on your back by placing your hands behind your head. Next you are required to bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Now tighten your abs with your elbows flared, then lift your shoulders and upper back off of the floor. Stay in this position for a second before retracting back down to your original position.

3. Vertical Leg Crunches

This is yet another highly effective excise to strengthen your abdominal muscles. With this exercise you can get the abs like a boxer without even touching a boxing kit.

You only require a big enough space to lie down straight. By lying flat on your back place your hands behind your head and close your legs at the ankles. Now extend them up straight in the air without locking your knees. Lift your torso towards your knees by only contracting your abs.10-15 reps is ideal.

This exercise is perfect when you don’t wish to walk out of your home or even your room. Just get on the floor and start, it’s that simple.


4. Pushups

Pushup is the world’s greatest exercise. It doesn’t matter if you are a regularly going gym maniac of a couch potato this exercise transforms your body and gives you upper body strength and extended shoulders with a wide chest.
Pushups are something that you can do practically anywhere. If you have an hour’s lunch break just give 10-15 minutes to this exercise.

Get on all fours and place your hands on the floor wider than shoulder-width. Make sure that your body is forming a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Now squeeze your abs as tight as you can. The abs need to be tight throughout the period of this exercise.

Now you need to lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Hold your position and then push yourself back. Repeat this in sets.

5. Pull-ups

The pull-up exercise enhances your upper body strength and is considered a highly potent workout. All you require is a bar higher than you. Grab the bar and pull your body up, hold your position and lower down, repeat, it’s that simple.

gym workout for beginners
You can install an iron bar in your workplace, home etc.

6. Front Squat

This is genuinely a heavy duty exercise. This exercise practically helps in the quad development. With the right training you can do this at your workplace, home or the near park.

7. Crush-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

Now this exercise requires a flat bench and a pair of dumbbells. You need to lie flat on the bench, while holding the dumbbells. Lift them up over your chest area. Keep the arms straight and make sure that the dumbbells are touching. Press them together as hard as possible when you bring the weights down to your chest.

Once you have reached your chest lift the dumbbells, keeping them together. This exercise hits your upper body giving you great shoulders, arms and chest.

So if you want people to notice a change in your body this is the exercise you just cannot afford to miss.

8. Pistol Squats

No dumbbells available? No problem. This exercise works every muscle in your lower body while also improving balance. Pistol squats help develop your quads and hamstrings. It is crucial that you get the technique right as this exercise is difficult and could cause considerable pain if not done properly.
10-15 reps should be preferred.


9.Light Boxing

Ok, so this is something totally unconventional but if you are Rocky fan than this last exercise will hit you like a jackhammer.

exercise works

Yes, all you need is a punching bag and you can then live out your Rocky dream. But what you might start for fun sake will actually transform your body in a matter of months. Hang the bag in your bedroom and you can punch is daily for a few minutes, which will develop your arms and torso if the punching is proper. You can also ask your boss to let you hang a punching bag in your office as well.

To avoid injury it is advised that you use a boxing glove.

If you follow these 9 exercises without getting out of your comfort zone, you will see a consistent transformation in your body.