Are Sleeping Positions Crucial For Our Health?

Imagine these two scenarios…

Some days you wake up in the morning feeling absolutely energized and refreshed. Your mood is chirpy, you get off the bed without any coercion and everything feels good to you.

While on other days, you awake lethargic and groggy, and it seems someone is dragging you out of the bed. Your legs are heavy, and nothing feels good with a sense of tiredness tying you down.

Did you notice the difference between both types of days? What is contributing factors in both the cases?

Well, it’s the quality of sleep you have had the night before. In the first case, you must have taken a good night of sleep, while in the second, it seems, you have experienced a poor sleep.

Sleep is that much important!

In fact, studies confirm that you’re only as healthy as your sleep! People who take a 7-8 hour of sleep are happier, healthier and more productive than those not getting a proper rest.

However, there is more to sleep than its quality and quantity – our sleep positions. Because the way we sleep has a huge impact on our health. And if your sleep position is faulty, it could make you unhealthy.

Let’s look at all 4 common sleeping positions and their impact on your health –

  1. Sleeping On The Side

    Sleeping On The Side

    Side sleeping has to be, perhaps, the most common position for sleeping. A lot of people like resting this way as it feels comforting and it feels cozy as well. Plus, you have two options with this position – you can either sleep on the left or sleep on the right. Whatever style you choose, be sure that it will have health benefits!

    In particular, sleeping on the left is backed by scientific research to help regulate the bow movement. Hence, it helps deliver better digestion and prevents heartburn. In fact, sleeping sideways can boost your brain health, and may also get you rid of problems like snoring and sleep apnea. So, keep sleeping on the sideways and stay healthy forever.

  2. Sleeping On The Back

    Don’t worry if you sleep on the back as it’s totally safe with risk. It’s also a common sleeping position with no harm to the body whatsoever. In fact, this position is not only easier for the body, but also easier on the body. Plus, this way of sleeping can help you keep the pain away.

    There is scientific research to back how sleeping on the back can keep away knee and back pain. It can also bring relief in sinusitis. And when you rest on the back, it avoids the pressure on the joints. So, feel good about sleeping on the back and enjoy several health benefits it delivers.

  3. Sleeping With Fetal Position

    Sleeping with the fetal position is both good and bad for your health. Even if you feel comfy for a while, you might not wake up feeling energized with this position for sure. Because, your awkward sleeping with the chin tucked into the chest and the knees pulled high, can put a lot of pressure on the joints, neck, and back.

    With fetal position, severe pain and strain are obvious in the morning with complaints of breath shortages leading to respiratory issues being common among the followers. However, this position may help if you suffer from severe form of sleep apnoea and snoring. If you can straighten up a bit during your sleep, this position too could prove equally beneficial along the way.

  4. Sleeping On Your Belly

    Sleeping On Your Belly

    This sleeping position should be a big NO to anyone concerned with their looks and feel, and also with health. This unnatural position can cause a whole lot of problems to your teeth, jaw and mouth. It leads to severe back and neck pain as well. Worse still, when you sleep on the stomach, it makes you apply too much pressure on the head and neck to pose lots of health issues over time.

    More so, sleeping on the belly could cause hypersensitive teeth, gum inflammation, TMJ disorders (characterized by the problem in opening and closing the mouth), tension in the face muscles and even dental alignment concerns. And when there are risks of any alignment issues, it’s always better for you to stay informed about teeth braces price as a precaution. This is how you can stay on the right side of your dental health and feel good about your appearance.

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