Asia’s Top 6 Tastiest food That Are a Must Try!!

Although everyone likes their national foods and flavours, there are some crazy foodies like me who love to explore and eat new stuff every day. There are many times when I visit places and find stuff really awkward but there are a lot of times when I love eating the different types of dishes worldwide. During a recent visit to a few Asian Countries, I continued my quest for the tastiest food in town. There were many different types of dishes I tried but most of which I liked to include a total of 30 to 40 dishes. Out of these, I have presented below my top 6picks in Asian dishes that are a must-try. These dishes are truly exquisite and work best when you have lovely weather. Following are these cuisines.

My Top 6 Irresistible Pick OF Asia’s Crazy Flavour Foods:

  • Thailand’s KHAO SOI CURRY:


Thailand is the place of great cuisines. There Khao Soi Curry is one of their speciality dishes that has its own name. it is a curry made of coconut mixed with spices and presented with soft egg noodles. Its topping is done with crispy egg noodles.

Garnished with flavours like lime, chilli, onion and cabbage. Kept in mild heat and allows to have a blend of all flavours together. The perfect mixture provides some extra points to this dish.

  • Singapore’s ROTI PARATA:

Singapores ROTI PARATA

The Roti Parata is also found in the regions of Pakistan and India. It has its routes there and famous in Singapore’s streets. Found best at the Indian food shops and restaurants and Singapore. Roti Parata is a Flat panned fried bread. Made of Flour and some also include a taste of eggs in it. You can also order it using Foodpanda promo. An amazing breakfast is incomplete without a Roti Parata from Singapore.



The tasty and juicy chicken is served after a 24-hour process. The meat is marinated and kept overnight to allow blending of spices within the chicken. The next morning, it is cooked in an oversize earthenware oven. The oven is covered and the meat is cooked inside. After being tender, the juicy chicken is served with yoghurt to enhance flavour.

  • Japan’s TAKOYAKI:


The most common street food in Japan includes Takoyaki. The Japanese Takoyaki is Savoury octopus dough balls flavoured with spring onions and pickled ginger. They have filled tempura scraps.

It is a widespread Japanese side dish in restaurants’ menu. Served in a deep bowl and garnished with mayonnaise and a soy-like sauce famous in Japan.

  • Himalayan Region’s DUM ALOO:

Himalayan Regions DUM ALOO

A famous vegetarian dish in the regions of Himalaya like; Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan and Pakistan. Spicy juicy cubed potatoes are cooked in tomato gravity with onions. The dish tastes at its best when presented fresh and hot along with a Soda Roti or Naan.

  • India’s GULAB JAMUN:


This desert in the regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is well-known and often eaten at special happy occasions. These are spongy dough dumplings, deep-fried and flavoured with cardamom and a rosewater sugar syrup. They can be served hot or cold and tastes best in both conditions.

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