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What is Badacritic:
About Badacritic
Badacritic is a website that unifies and simplifies Critic Reviews and Ratings of the Indian movies. Badacritic rates and reviews Bollywood as well as the regional movies. The movie lovers can figure out whether a movie is worth their money and time by viewing its ratings and reviews at Badacritic.

In contrast to other entertainment websites in the market, Badacritic focuses on rating the film quality only. It is free from any promotional news or gossips. As such it helps you decide about a movie’s worth quickly.

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Whom do we cater:

We cater the movie lovers from all over India and across the world who have interest in Indian cinema. Anyone who is even a bit conscious about spending money and time on a movie can easily review the rating with us for a quick decision. The range of movies covered by us is larger than any other website and pay full attention to keep it updated. This helps us cater a large number of movie lovers with different tastes.

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What do we offer to our consumers?Find out your favorite star’s filmography

Badacritic is the one-stop solution where viewers can easily find information about currently running and the upcoming movies. You can get to know about movie ratings and movie reviews from publications & critics all at one place.

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Find out your favorite star’s filmography

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Badacritic provides you Critic’s / Publication’s latest movie reviews, top scored and low scored from their profile page.


The critic reviews, ratings, and recognitions of Indian movies  are aggregated by us todrive a proprietary score called Badascore, which is simple, smart, unique and more accurate. It ranges from 0-100 and is highlighted in four different colors based on the score level to instantly identify and compare Poor, Average, Good and Excellent movies.

Badascore is generated as the weighted average of normalized critic score, awards, and nominations. Award/Nomination entries are given weightage based on the awarding authority and category type.


Share the movie ratings and reviews with your social circle:

Badacritic has everything that a movie lover will love to have. With our social media sharing options you can share the movie rating and reviews with your social circle.

Even if you are in the office or traveling you just need to click a button and can share movie reviews and rating with your mates sitting away to make a quick plan. Sharing on WhatsApp is also provided to make sharing easier.

You can like and even place your comments at the bottom to give your own review based on the trailer or if you have watched the movie earlier, by just logging in with your Facebook account. Your valuable comment will also help other movie lovers to get to know about the movie.

Our User Interface is easy and attractive to use. There are no boring lists. The website is designed to aid movie lovers know what they want to with ease. We have categorized latest and top movies. There are categories for critics and awards as well. Thus, it fulfills your love for movies as a whole.

You can visit us at: https://badacritic.com/ and we will be delighted to keep you updated with Indian cinema.


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