Best Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2020

There has been a lot of hype around social media marketing, digital advertising, outdoor digital advertising, etc. among these there is one marketing channel that is undertone but quite effective (if done right).

Email marketing has been around the spectrum for quite some time now and it can be seen as one of the oldest digital marketing activities done by the brand and it is still highly relevant & beneficial.

But the challenge is that digital marketing and consumer behavior towards the brands & marketing have changed hugely so there is a need to evolve your email marketing accordingly.

So, let’s get started with the current email marketing scenario followed by effective email marketing tips for 2020.

Email Marketing In 2020

Email marketing earlier was about sending emails to the consumers that were just marketing and promotions whereas now the time has changed with more communication, interaction, and consumer-centrism.

Brands and marketers are still investing efforts and budgets to create effective email marketing campaigns as it is one of the rare channels to reach out and communicate with the consumers directly and personally.

In 2020, to be successful at email marketing, you need to have a dynamic and creative mindset along with deep insights into consumer behavior and likings.

So, here we have listed the best email marketing tips for 2020 to boost its performance and drive results.

Email Marketing Tips 2020

1. Get Insights Into Audience To Connect Better

It isn’t about sending those promotional emails anymore where you just collect email IDs and broadcast valueless marketing emails to the audience, instead; you should focus on a better connection & reasoning.

Now you need to get to know your audience, what are their interests, what they like or dislike about brands, what are their expectations, what trends they explore, etc.

This information will help you evaluate and understand your audience better which will eventually help in building more relevant and useful email marketing campaigns.

2. Personalize & Humanize Your Email Campaigns

It is an age of personalization and humanization of brand activities and efforts similarly you can personalize your email marketing campaigns to make it more relevant, interesting, and valuable for each consumer.

Rather than broadcasting the same promotional message to all consumers, you should leverage personalization to cater to the needs of every customer and promote your brand according to their interests.

Add elements in your email campaigns that consumers can relate to or provides the specific solution the consumer is looking for. This will make your brand more humanized and help you build positive relationships through email marketing.

3. User-Generated Content For Email Marketing

Basically, email marketing is all about sending valuable content to the consumers that add value to their knowledge, generates intent to purchase, drives engagement, builds brand trust, etc.

To achieve these goals and many more, the best is to integrate user-generated content in your email marketing campaigns. Integrating relevant and realistic UGC about your brand will help in building brand trust, reliability, & credibility.

UGC is more authentic & trustworthy content shared by real customers based on their real experiences like customer reviews. This will greatly improve your email open rate and click-through rate. Besides, it will also increase engagement and chances of conversions, and using a UGC platform like Taggbox is the most effective way to do it!

4. Never Forget The Trends & Holidays

It is a basic instinct for a consumer to explore everything around the trending topics that they are interested in and social media creates & empowers new trends continuously.

So, any trending topics or themes will attract users to it, therefore, integrating trending topics or sharing emails around the holidays like Christmas offers, easter deals, etc.

These trending topic emails will grab users’ attention instantly and lure them towards engagement with the email. If you share offers and vouchers around such holidays, it will develop brand awareness and boost revenue possibilities.

5. Maintain Creativity & Curiosity In Subject Lines

Email Marketing tips

For any email marketing campaign, subject lines are one of the most crucial components that can hugely influence the success of the campaign as this is what creates the first impression & attracts them to engage.
So, keep your focus on making your subject line creative and leverage the power of curiosity. Creativity will ensure that you instantly grab the attention of users.

Whereas curiosity will ensure that they will think about it and be motivated to open & see what email is all about. But keep in mind to not be spammy and use clickbait where there is no relevance in the subject line and the content inside.

6. Integrate Actionable CTAs & Landing Page

The main purpose of most email marketing campaigns is to drive the users to take an intended action that benefits the brand and for that, you need a call to action buttons and landing pages.

For example, when you are promoting your products and services where you want the users to buy those products, subscribe to the services, or make an investment into something then you should definitely have CTAs & supporting landing pages.

This will allow interested consumers to leverage the call to actions to know more about the products and services or the brand and make an informed decision along with successful email marketing campaigns.

7. Email Design & Feedback Possibilities

Nowadays the design elements have become extremely important for consumers and they are automatically attracted to beautiful, neat, and engaging designs.

So, make your email campaign design creative but keep in simplistic and relevant where users can easily locate and navigate through important information.

Also, it enables the possibility of gathering feedback from the users as well in your design so that you can get insights into what they liked and what they didn’t, helping you make more informed decisions about future email campaigns.


Email marketing is still highly relevant and important for brands & marketers for customer acquisition and growing revenue generation possibilities.

These email marketing tips are designed for 2020 and future making it more relatable, engaging, and valuable for the consumers. So, leverage these tips to empower your email marketing tips.

You can also use tools like Taggbox, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc. to assist and boost your email marketing efforts.

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