Best Stylish Rugs for Every Space in Your Home

A rug helps in setting a tone for the entire space. But selecting the right rug is a critical job. Most people assume that choosing appropriate rug means choosing the right color. However, there are other aspects as well to look into. From modern Persian rugs to stunning tribal styled rugs, each contains its own value.

In short, mixing the value of any type of rug is not a good idea. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the reasons to use it. The choice for a rug in a high traffic area with kids and pets roaming all around will not be same as for peaceful area such as a living room.

I understand the value of a good rug in the right place and that is why here I explain how to choose the right for a particular area.

Rugs for Living Room

Rugs for Living Room

A living room gives the chance to weave in your personality. It’s your space, so you can use anything. It is a great place to have some bold patterns.

To start with, compliment a large painting in the room. If you have a vibrant painting, choose a color that goes well with it. Try to select a rug made with wool and silk having a print that suits the painting. Genuine Persian rugs will also suit. Make sure the rug doesn’t dominate the painting in any manner.

Rugs for Bedroom

Rugs for Bedroom

Bedrooms often offer peaceful vibes. So, you have to keep the bedroom low-key and tranquil to make it conducive to sleep. Yes, you have to match the rug with the color of the walls, but never be too loud.

Bold patterns, striking colors are a big no, so avoid these things while choosing a rug. For sizing, go big. A wall-to-wall rug makes the living room quiet.

Rugs for Entryway

Rugs for Entryway

Entry rugs set a tone for the surrounding rooms. In order to select a rug for the entry wall, focus on the wall design of the area. Compliment the walls when choosing a rug for the entry area.

In addition to complimenting, make sure that it is capable of bearing the huge foot traffic coming across. A durable carpet would be preferred. In fact, you can also go with buying an old carpet for the entryway. Believe me, it’s a good option. You can scuff-up the rug without worrying too much.

Rugs for Bathroom

Rugs for Bathroom

Thinking that only low-quality bath mats are good enough for the bathroom is only an illusion. You can always invest in high-quality carpets your utilitarian space. Choose cozy, soft and comfortable rugs for your bare feet, especially when you step out after an amazing shower.

Here, choosing modern Persian rugs, traditional rugs ortribal rugs will not be very appropriate. For a bathroom, look for rugs that add a warm and authentic look to the room.

Another approach to designing your bathroom is by opting for a light and clean rug. Clean here means no or very fewer patterns. In addition to designs, choose light shades such as light blue, light pink, etc. Look for full-sized rugs for your bathroom. Note that full-sized rugs work best. It is rare to find beautiful cotton or chic color bathroom rug in the market, so don’t even try.

Rugs for Dining

Rugs for dinner

A dining room rug looks perfect for family gathering and parties. For dining, get cut pile wool carpet as the dragging of chairs will often take place. If you have children at home, your rug should be soft enough for them.

Although, you cannot get too many vibrant colors for the dining, it’s good to keep the area look peaceful. Your dining area is a place where you eat with family and friends – it has to be appealing yet calming.

While choosing rugs for different spaces you must know what suits the area. Simply picking one without any reach work will do no good. Before knowing which one will be right, you should gather the basic knowledge about different rugs such as modern Persian rugs, traditional rugs, etc. With this, it will be easier to select an appropriate rug for your living, bathroom, dining and bedroom setting. Once you select the right rug, it will offer a beautiful feeling to the home.

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