Choose the Best cordless impact drill for your needs

The cordless impact drill is a handy tool is used to drill the holes and insert the screws into the holes.

Most of the people maintain cordless drills in their basic needs and easy to maintain. While purchasing the cordless power tools needs to follow the essential features those are Power, Torque, and Speed.

  • Torque: Torque means the force that tends to cause rotation. Here impact drivers drive any screws, and it will generate more torque.

  • Not only for screw driving: This driver will also drill the big holes because of the more torque it will drill the any sizes of holes.

  • Use one hand to drive: It allows the easiest way to drill any holes. Whereas the standard driver, you need to put more weight to screw and need to push much hard. If not it will cam-out and may affect the surrounded areas. Whereas impact driver no need to push hard for drilling, and it will avoid cam-out.

    best impact driver

  • Sound: While drilling you needs to protect your ears and need to wear earplugs or muffs.

  • Not like a hammer drill: Impact driver is a type of hammer, and it sounds like a hammer.

  • Better for gear heads: It is the best option to choose the impact driver, and it reduces the time when you are trying to tinker with engines. The impact driver is perfect for small engines because less torque is usually enough. Whereas automotive work you need to consider the “angle” model to adjust the torques based on the work.Check top 20v cordless impact driver on

  • Hex – shaft accessories: They provide set of hex shaft accessories, and it consists of different sizes and shapes to drill the objects

Difference between drill and impact driver:

Both impact drivers and drill are similar it is mainly used for engineered to do a job like drive screws, and it is much faster and easier compared to other tools.

Impact Driver:


  • It avoids the wrist issues when you’re doing more work.
  • Using little effort it can drill any screws.
  • Easy to place it in any spaces because it is a smaller body.
  • An impact driver is having more torque and concussive blows.


  • Need to invest more cost compared to drill.
  • It makes much noise and it affects eardrum.
  • It does not accept other than the hex-shanked driver and drill bits.
  • Working with impact driver is much delicate compared to drill.



  • It works excellent jobs but needs to be careful.
  • It maintains continuously a force that tends to cause rotation.
  • It allows any screw is driving bits and drills.
  • It allows the accessories that are rotary sanders and wire-wheel brushes.


  • It gives more strain to the users.
  • Bits may lose in the chuck.
  • It has the inherent to strip the screws.

If you are going to plan a new construction project and you need to require more screws with different sizes for that most of the people suggested to use the impact driver. Impact drivers are mainly used for building decks, fitting tile board, and fixing the subfloors with plywood.

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