So many people tend to make a common mistake; they think they need just an old forklift in order to get their job done when it comes to material handling applications. The fact is the lift truck is a piece of equipment that is highly customizable, comes with a unique design, and specially built for end users based on their needs. Note that because one forklift for sale type suits your friend’s workplace, this does not mean that the exact same type of equipment will meet your business needs.

When deciding on whether to purchase, rent or lease a forklift, many brands are available and taking the right decision can turn out to be confusing and in some cases, difficult. In this article, you will learn some easy tips on how you can choose the right forklift for your warehouse operation, at the best price and swift ownership process!

Match the Specs of the Forklift to the Facility

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Rest assured that there are no specific or typical specs like there is no typical type of customer. Specifications of forklifts have to match the particular facility, where you plan to use it. This is important especially for larger businesses, which require a larger number of forklifts since they often have different facilities to contend with, they all have different structural features. Note that the aisles may be narrow, which could indicate the size of the material and whether the facility is outdoors or indoors will dictate fuel source (battery diesel or electric).

Know the Capacity of the Forklift

Keep in mind that the rated capacity of the forklift refers to the amount of weight it can lift. Usually, the capacity of the forklift is on the data plate unit along with other important information. The higher you decide to load the forklift, the lower its capacity becomes. If you choose to add attachments, this affects the capacity of the unit. Usually, the capacities have ratings at 24 degrees load center. Hence, before you decide on the type forklift you wish to rent or purchase, you should make sure that you a good idea of the sizes and weights of the load that you intend to lift. Note that any good dealer, such as one at Moffett Truck can help you if the need arises.

The common capacities in use range from about 3000-6000 pounds in units. Forklifts, however, can range anywhere from 2000-65000 pounds and even more. Note that the more the unit can lift loads, the more expensive it will be. It is necessary that you know the exact capacity you want. A forklift with a small capacity will cause damage to the goods you plan to lift, in the end; this is potentially deadly to all the operators as well as those around.

The Fuel Options

When selecting a forklift, you need to have multiple fuel options, whether gasoline, electric powered, gas, and dual LP gas/gasoline. The application can help you to determine the source of the fuel you should choose, along with the preference and the cost. If you are planning to work inside a warehouse, it is likely that you will not want to have an internal combustion unit, since it will release exhaust fumes, so an electric forklift should be the ideal option. You can also consider pallet jacks, provided your operations include the handling of lightweight items.

buy a New Forklift

Generally, forklifts are much more expensive when it comes to purchasing and their batteries tend to require special care, chargers, and maintenance. If you decide to choose a heavy-duty forklift, the chances are likely that it will be diesel.

When it comes to mobility options, dual fuel forklifts offer more flexibility. This means even if you run out of gas, you can switch the unit to LP gas to finish the entire job. The availability and the cost is something you should keep in mind, as it is a required expense through the forklift life.

Before you decide to choose a forklift, it is advisable that you consult a reputable dealer in your area. Such professionals could guide you on the specs and all the details you need to keep it working in the best condition to serve your business needs.


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