Classy yet Sophisticated: Beautiful heels say everything about Women

Men can never understand the real relationship between women and their shoes. There are a lot of theories behind it and people believe that each theory matches the confirmed results. Women look amazing after wearing their favorite shoes which they buy only of their own choice. They match their shoes with the dresses they have and they want the perfect finish of the footwear so that it can complement their whole outfit. Thus, we can see how many conditions arise when women go for shopping their favorite heels.

Now, there is a famous saying that “if you want to know about a woman’s personality, just take a look at her shoes”. These will tell you a lot about their insight like if she is an introverted person or an extrovert. In addition to it, a single glance at ladies’ heels design can express the stability of that woman and you can know if she is aggressive by nature or very friendly. Let’s discuss a few important points that a woman’s heels can tell us about her.


How confident she is: When a woman chooses unique shoes for herself, it shows her confidence level. Those who choose high heels prefer to see the world with a wide-open vision and complete confidence about conquering the world outside. On the other hand, those who love to wear flat sandals are those who are willing to compromise and adjust just because they value others more than themselves. Women who take care of their feet know their importance well and they don’t let people suppress their beliefs and ideology.

Apart from this, those who wear high heels have low insecurity issues and they don’t let things slip off from their hands easily. Those who stay with low heels have insecurity issues and they walk with doubts in their mind. The high heel ladies are clear in the head and strict with their rules.

How lively she is: If you see a woman buying vibrant shade heels, you can guess how playful and lively she is. She loves colors and she fills them in her life and cherishes every moment of it. When you look at a lady who is matching pink color shoes or neon shade heels with her dress, be alert!!! She is a high-maintenance woman. You have to earn her with your efforts.

On the other hand, those who stay with black, brown, or other similar low shades do not want to come into the limelight. They choose to say behind the curtain and do not wish to come out and see it wide.

Moreover, women who choose ballerinas are the ones who pick comfort over everything else. They take care of their feet and provide comfort to their foot with soft soles and extra space.

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