Commercial Kitchen Appliances are driving the future of hotels in India

Commercial kitchens are the lifeline of large hotel and restaurant chains. The setting up of commercial and industrial kitchen though requires a lot of foresight, planning and investment. As, more often than not, it isn’t simply about pumping in money into purchasing commercial kitchen appliances, but it involves a clear understanding of other important concepts: involving the chef, knowing the Menu, deciding what is needed and what simply isn’t (remember the stakes are always high!), knowing local health codes, simplicity and lean design, food sanitation and safety, supervision and training, energy efficiency, air ventilation, supreme maintenance, flexibility and space efficiency and kitchen technology including kitchen display system and smart automation.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the applications of commercial kitchen appliances in hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, catering companies, institutions, hospital kitchens, QSR chains, bakeries, juice shops, cafés, snack centers, RTEs and RTCs as most appliances are multi-functional by design and construction catering to the different needs of the consumer.

Commercial kitchen processes:

Before we get into the details of the appliances that really count in the success of a commercial kitchen space, it is important that we understand the different processes first that ideally define the everyday functioning of a restaurant kitchen, and remember every single process is as important as the other for seamless operation and improving the efficiency of the kitchen. Typical commercial kitchen processes include pre-preparation, meat-preparation, food processing, cooking, baking, quick service and dish, and ware washing.

Pre-preparation equipment:

No matter how big the job is, any pre-preparation commercial equipment should essentially mix or chop to the last slice or whip. Any commercial kitchen, in accordance with the needs, should basically house multi-utility grinders, potato peelers, dough kneaders, conveyor chappati machine, dough dividers, chappati semi-cooking machine, rice washer, universal peelers, meat slicers, vegetable cutters, coconut scrapper, multi-functional vegetable cutters, tilting wet masala grinders, instant masala grinder, pulveriser, veg wash, turbo dicer, instant rice grinder pulverisers and instant grinders. Whether the menu demands mashing potatoes, mixing dough or requires slicing cheese, the pre-preparation range of equipment gives consistent cooking performance every time.

Meat Preparation Equipment:

Running a commercial kitchen requires your investing in highly specialized meat preparation equipment so as to get the meat from raw form into luscious tenderloins, thick filets or ground burgers. Popular meat preparation machines for commercial kitchen in the marketplace include meat mincers and bone saw.

Food Processing Machines:

Kitchen Food Processing Machines

Food processing machines are state-of-the-art processing machines applicable for small, medium and mid-size food processing firms. They help retain the taste, flavor, aroma, and color of the food consistently and in record time too. They are mainly used for preparing sauces, jams, Indian base masalas, candid fruit, Indian sweets, condensed milk, etc.

Cooking equipment:

The whole concept of commercial kitchen equipment is bulk food or large batch cooking for a large number of consumers at one time. The machine needs to be durable, eco-friendly, robust and convenient to operate. It should spell energy and improved food production and quality.

Usually cooking equipment includes boiling pan, cooking kettle, combi oven, pressure batt pan, griddle and cooking mixer that are operated electronically. It performs a wide range of functions from the most basic to advanced cooking operation.

Commercial Bakery Equipment:

Whether you are looking to open a new bakery or expand the current set-up, commercial bakery equipment including spiral mixer, multi-function oven, and proofer play a vital role in enhancing output and producing consistency in bakery items such as cakes, pie, pizza, bun, etc. And as the name implies, they are mainly used in high volume bakery businesses. Remember that finding the best commercial equipment is the first step towards establishing a successful bakery business.

Quick Service Equipment:

kitchen Quick Service Equipment

Quick service equipment including salamander, pizza dough sheeter, pressure fryers, conveyor pizza ovens, planetary mixer, freestanding fryer, juice dispensers, centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers, blenders, turbo grill rotisseries, conveyor toaster, marinator, display warmer, breading table, contact toasters, etc go a long way in cooking, holding, warming or cooling equipment, safely storing food items at the required temperature for longer to enable you serve food ahead of time and to eliminate waste.

Dish &Warewashing:

Impeccable cleanliness is important in the food and hospitality industry and only having the required dish and ware washing equipment including dishwashers, glasswasher, pot, and pan washer, et al can ensure this.

If you are looking to turn your restaurant, whether startup or established, into a successful venture, remember the kitchen is the life and soul of it, and only a reliable commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in India can guarantee the efficiency and productivity of your food business operation.

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