Creating Embroidered Handkerchiefs: Factors to keep in Mind

If you are a fan of innovative crafts and trends then you will certainly love these pretty and easy ways to make embroidered handkerchief designs!

Let’s get started.

These embroidered hankies also are a good idea to make the best gifts. You can even personalize them with a monogram or a logo. Get personalized men’s handkerchiefs in Australia – these are super special for a unique occasion. 

DIY ideas for various designs: Check out these fantastic design ideas

  • Flower bouquet
  • Initial embroidered hanky
  • Cross stitch handkerchief
  • Pretty scent sachets 
  • Lace edged invitation
  • Tiny embroidered Flowers
  • Special Wedding dress hankie 
  • Themed quote handkerchief
  • Handkerchief pocket squares 
  • Logo embroidered handkerchief

You will certainly fall in love with these hand-embroidered handkerchiefs. It just put a new twist on a traditional style to give it a different feel.

How to Make a Handkerchief?

Dimensions of the handKerchief – To make a larger piece, you need almost 12-inch square fabric up to 18-inch square handkerchiefs. On the other hand, to make a smaller piece, you need a square piece of fabric above 8 inches.

Fabric for the hanky – If you have a linen cloth in white or cream that would be perfect to make one. You can easily get linen in fabric stores. Whereas, a cotton batiste fabric is also considered good to make a suitable handkerchief! There are various options available in the market these days that one can choose from. One has the liberty to pick a good range of embroidered handkerchiefs in Australia. One of the most popular categories is Satin handkerchiefs. 

Printed clothes are also a great option! They are not so much ideal for embroidering unless they have vacant spaces you can embroider on. Of course, you have the liberty to buy embroidered handkerchiefs in Australia that are ready-made handkerchiefs – quick and easy to embroider.

Cutting your handkerchief is important. Whatever cloth you use, always make it a point to prewash the fabric.

Square up the fabric: A good way to square up the cloth is to draw a thread from the sides. This trick is really helpful especially for large weave fabric like linen. Now how will you do this? First, cut the square a little and pick out a thread from the side of one corner and pull it out completely. If you are using a large weave cloth you can do this even easier.

The Bottom Lines

As a huge fan of vintage crafts, you can often be inspired by DIY projects. You need to try something that merges perfectly with your newfound appreciation for handkerchiefs. If you practice it regularly, it brushes up your skills! Anytime you can buy handmade handkerchiefs in Australia from one of the renowned online stores.  

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