Dental Myths During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a variety of myths. As a would-be mother, no one wants to take chances. Pregnant women want to put every step in the right direction to get the joy they expect for a full nine month. Some think that being pregnant can ruin their teeth so they take extra care during those days. While for others, there is nothing special to take care with their dental health even when they are expecting a child. In between, there are some lingering myths which need to be busted to make the process and experience hassle-free in true sense.

Here are four major dental myths during pregnancy –

  • Myth 1 – Pregnant women should see the dentist only after the delivery

There is a myth floating around that pregnant women should avoid visiting the dentist until they deliver. You don’t have to buy into that as there is no harm in consulting a dentist even when you expect a child. However, during pregnancy, the second trimester is easily the best time for checkup and cleaning. Other periods during the pregnancy are sensitive from the point of baby’s development. You should also know that blood vessel inflammation in the gum tissue is common during pregnancy and it also leads to a condition where gums bleed easily. This condition will go away post pregnancy.

  • Myth 2 – Never say yes to x-rays during pregnancy

Pregnant women should not believe the myth that x-rays are harmful to them. They are totally harmless but in most conditions, it’s better to avoid them. If need be, like when you have toothache, you can get done x-rays with certain precautions though. The dentist knows the safety measures in such cases and you should not feel worried a bit. Similarly, you just can’t let mouth infection go untreated in the fear of x-rays being harmful else the baby might contact it. Feel free to visit the dentist for any dental pain treatment even if it involves x-rays.

  • Myth 3 – Brush your teeth immediately after vomiting

If you believed this myth, your teeth might be at a greater risk than before. Because brushing immediately after you vomit can lead to a risk of enamel erosion and this can always even weaken your tooth structure. Further, pregnant women should know that after vomiting, gastric acid enters the mouth which can erode the enamel on the teeth. This will increase the risk of fractures, cavities, and sensitivity. And brushing right away can increase the risks further. Rather, you have to rinse the mouth with water and wait for at least half-an-hour or so brush. Moreover, in such cases, don’t forget to take Gynecologist advice for better outcomes.

Dental Myths During Pregnancy

  • Myth 4 – Calcium is not essential in the diet of a pregnant lady

No pregnant women should buy into this myth else it can lead to serious repercussions on the dental health of their child. After all, it’s the diet of the mother that meet the baby’s development need of teeth and bones. So, if the mother does not eat a calcium-rich diet, the child may use the calcium stored in her bones. You can also consult a dentist to know more in this regard. Upon visit, you can also know tooth implant cost NYC and be prepared for future.

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