Discover The Various Types Of Office Filing Cabinets

Regardless of your industry, you need appropriate storage for your documents and other items. Despite the growing use of cloud technology, there is still the use of filing cabinets. Apart from storing files and documents, cabinets are for storing valuable items in the office including staff personal items. Cabinets protect contents from fire, water damage during a flood, and unauthorized access. These come in various options for organizing documents. Cabinets come in various materials, shapes, designs, and sizes. Before hitting the market for a cabinet, here is a guide to the options available.

Vertical file cabinets

These are the first choice when someone mentions filing cabinets. Vertical cabinets are slender and tall for use in various offices. These cabinets are popular for being sturdy and taking little space for their vertical design. A vertical cabinet is a good choice when having limited space or a smaller office. When you need additional storage space for your documents on the fly, a vertical cabinet is a good choice for not requiring the same space as a larger filing cabinet.

Vertical file cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets can come with two, three, four, or five drawer options. These cabinets come in metal or wood with this coming in options including espresso oak, cherry, and maple. Other options for vertical cabinets include those with high side drawers without handrails. Additionally, there are greener cabinets designed to match indoor air-quality emission requirements.

Lateral file cabinets

Serving similar needs like vertical cabinets, these are a bit wider and require more space. When looking for office filing cabinet in Singapore, lateral options make a solid investment when you have enough room. These hold twice the files as vertical cabinets. You need dedicated space for lateral cabinets but you will enjoy keeping all your files together. This makes retrieval easy and quick compared to looking for files places in various vertical cabinets.
People who handle various documents and files love lateral cabinets including:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Medical officers
  • Human resources directors

Lateral cabinets offer secure storage, instant access to thousands of files, and come in single or double drawer design options.

Fireproof file cabinets

You have to hope that your office never catches fire but don’t ignore the possibility. So, investing in fireproof cabinets is a worthy investment. These are thicker and built much stronger to save files and other documents from fire and flood. Very important business documents are hard to replace but you can have peace of mind keeping them in a fireproof cabinet.

Apart from fire and flood, these cabinets protect business documents from theft. Fireproof cabinets are entire lateral or vertical. Ensure to select one that suits your office space and amount of paperwork. Anyone can use fireproof cabinets including large corporations and small offices for storing documents including birth certificates social security cards, and other important documents.

Mobile file cabinets

This is the most convenient cabinet option that is rolled when needed. Mobile cabinets come with two or three drawers and are vertical or lateral. These cabinets fit neatly under desks with standard height for more convenient storage that doesn’t eat up much space. Mobile cabinets usually accommodate legal and letter size documents for their compact size.

Before hitting the market, check your documents to determine the appropriate size to fit in your cabinet. These cabinets come with wheels to allow moving to different parts of your office. This makes retrieving appropriate files easier and much quicker since it eliminates guesswork. The compact size of this cabinet allows adjusting to make your interior design requirements.

Storage file cabinets

Storage file cabinets in office

To meet your business storage requirements, these cabinets come with wide open shelves for keeping various items safe. You can have the shelves open or locked according to your preference. Storage cabinets are customized to fit various items in your office regardless of size. These cabinets have a work surface at counter height. Your employees can use these cabinets for workstations and for storage. Additionally, these cabinets are wonderful touchpoints for casual meetings and collaboration.

Pedestal file cabinets

When you have a small office or want to fit a cabinet in a cubicle opt for pedestal cabinets. These fit nicely under a desk to become part of your cubicle set up. A reputable supplier will have a range of pedestal cabinets with various drawer alternatives. This allows selecting the ideal cabinet to meet your storage requirements and space available in your office.

Wrapping up

A cabinet is a must-have accessory regardless of the nature and size of your office. even when you use cloud storage for your files, the cabinets make wonderful storage to keep other valuable items in your office safe. Apart from being fireproof, the ideal cabinet should protect contents from water damage during a flood and from thieves with quality locks. A reputable Singapore office furniture store will have cabinets from which to choose the best for your office.

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