Does Ayahuasca provide Medical Benefits? Let us take a Look!

When medical treatments fail to cure the health issues, Ayahuasca (a plant medicine) comes into the picture. The increasing benefits of this medicine have made it worldwide popular.

Some patients try medicinal plant for a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefit, while others opt for it when medications fail to cure PTSD or depression problem. There are other people as well who go for this medicinal plant to treat diseases like cancer.
If you want to learn what medical benefits does this provide, you must take a glimpse over the information provided below –

Helps Cure Depression

Hectic work schedule or the desire to earn money often causes stress, tension, and depression in the individual. Taking this medicine helps reduce depression in the individual within two to three hours.

The medicine change concentrations of serotonin, the mood-boosting neurotransmitter in the brain that helps relieve stress or depression. The famous personality Kira Salak,an American writer, adventurer, and journalist has also gone through the medicinal plant treatment. The medicine has helped her come out of depression and made her inner soul feel lighter and free.

Helps Cure Cancer

Yes, it is true! Cancer, a life-threatening disease can be cured by medicinal plant. Patients suffering from Cancer went to Iquitos Peru for ayahuasca treatment in the hope of getting a cure.

Donald M. Topping, a former professor in Hawaii is the fine example of it. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and thought to take Ayahuasca ceremonies. The effectiveness of the medicine helped Donald M. Topping get cured and healed from this life-threatening disease.

According to Eduardo Schenberg, Ayahuasca is the most effective way to treat cancer. From the analysis of many patients’ reports, it has been determined that Ayahuasca has successfully helped in their cancer treatment.

Helps Cure PTSD

PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental disorder that usually is a problem among war veterans and soldiers because they are exposed to a traumatic event.

Such patients suffering from PTSD also turned to this medicinal plant for relief. This is because their belief in the medicine that has proven to be bliss for many people.

Moving to the jungles of Amazon for Ayahuasca not only helped these patients get treatment for PTSD but also brought a change in their lives. Their thinking perceptive and other guidelines of life completely got changed thus helping their soul be clean.

Besides treating the above-mentioned illnesses, this medicinal plant also helps provide various other health and healing benefits that are as follows –

Expand Consciousness

This medicinal plant helps in expanding one’s consciousness capacity. It allows one to gain a better understanding of the situations.
A fine example of it is Russ Binicki, a former soldier who survived the Vietnam War. He has benefitted from Ayahuasca treatment which has helped him come out of the traumatic situations.

During the war, Russ Binicki and his three closest friends were fighting immensely hard. Unfortunately, three of his friends were killed in the battle and he met with an accident in a plane crash. When returned home he had indulged himself in drinking, smoking, and fights.
His anger and unusual behavior made him the victim of PTSD. His problem was getting worsened as he used to get angry easily. While driving, on duty, at home or even in public, he couldn’t control his anger.

This made him thought to go Iquitos Peru for ayahuasca treatment. There he learned many things about himself, his behavior, his attitude which consequently helped him recover from PTSD program.


This medicinal treatment allows users to bring a change to their lives, thus allowing them to have a self-healing. But this is only possible when the users look deeper into their ideas, realities, ideologies or beliefs. This is where Ayahuasca plays its role. It intervenes and helps solve inside problem in a person.

Spiritual Teaching

The last benefit that Ayahuasca treatment provides is the spiritual benefit. The ceremonies in this treatment provide a deep relief to one’s spirit, which consequently helps patients to heal from their problem fast. After all, inner soul plays a crucial role in the improvement of one’s health.

During the Ayahuasca treatment, the experts advise patients to avoid few medicines which include –

• Appetite Suppressants
• Dextromethorphan
• Disopyramide
• Doxepin
• Ephedrine
• Sertraline
• Tegretol
• Temaril
• Tranylcypromine
• Quinidine
• Salbutemol
• Salmeterol
• Central nervous system depressants
• Antipsychotics
• Desipramine
• Flavoxate Hydrochloride
• Fluoxetine
• Imipramine
• Isocarboxazid
• Avoid medications of asthma, bronchitis, or other breathing problems
• A big no to benadryl, benylin, chlor-trimeton, compoz, etc. For colds, sinus problems, fever, or allergies
• Procainamide
• Protriptyline
• Pseudoephedrine
• Selegiline

NOTE – While going through the Ayahuasca treatment, patients need to avoid certain food which is as follows –

• Avoid meat
• Don’t eat food that consume protein extracts.
• Say no to protein dietary supplements.
• Avoid brewer’s yeast, yeast vitamin supplements, or yeast extracts.
• Don’t prepare food with fermented tofu, fermented bean curd, fermented soybean paste, and soy sauce.
• Avoid canned soups and miso soup
• Avoid sausage, bologna, pepperoni, salami, corned beef
• Avoid aged cheeses
• Don’t use shrimp paste
• Avoid eating overripe food
• Avoid overripe avocados
• Avoid red wine, beers, and ales
• Avoid dairy products that are about to expire or are not kept in refrigeration
• Avoid aspartame and fava beans
• Stop eating peanuts and raspberries

In addition to above-mentioned food, there are many herbs that need to be avoided while preparing the food. Let us take a look at those herbs –

• St. Johns Wort
• Kava
• Ephedra
• Ginseng
• Yohimbe
• Sinicuichi

With the provided information in the article, you must have gained knowledge what is Ayahuasca and what are its benefits. So, if you had been suffering from any health illness, depression or stress, you must go for the Ayahuasca treatment.

So, don’t waste your time right away book your treatment with the experts, after all, your health comes first!

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