Essential Things to Pack for Hill Station Tour

Travelling is essential these days. To give a change from daily routine one needs to travel. If it comes to hill station, everyone loves to visit whether it is for change or for fun. Hill station is a place for peace and nature. You can visit hill station with a reason or without a reason. There are some travelling tips to keep in mind. Let’s see the underneath to know travelling essentials:

Winter Jacket


​Winter Jacket
Hill station makes an image of cold weather in mind and it is true. To protect yourself from chills always carry a winter jacket with you. A jacket not only keeps you warm but also adds on to your style statement. So keep yourself warm with a style in hilly areas.


A muffler is necessity in some cases when there is chilling wind all around and you need to protect your face and ears from being affected from cold. After all we are going at hill areas to have fun and to chill, not to fall sick.



raincoatWeather of hilly areas is always unpredictable. It is dark sun, within a minute it is raining. You cannot predict of rain so always carry a rainwear to keep your trip safe from unwanted sickness or troubles. Prefer hooded rainwear as it will protect wholly from wetting.


Gloves are savage in the chilling weather. Hilly areas are meant for cold and you can fall sick in that weather. Keep yourself warm with cute pair of gloves.

After all it is meant for cuteness. You never know it can help you in playing with snowballs.

Comfortable Shoes

A comfortable pair of shoe is always a need and important for a tour in hill station. Whether it is trekking, hiking or mountain climbing, a comfortable sport shoes will be mandatory. In case you are going in snowy area, don’t forget to carry snow boots with yourself as it will protect you from slipping.




Flashlight is an important thing for a trip to hilly area which cannot be ignored. While roaming in the street at night it will protect you from inspects or animals.

As we know most of smartphones have flashlights in it but in case drained a battery, a flashlight will be savage.


Warm thermal is also necessity in packing bucket list. It cannot be taken as granted the chill weather in hilly areas. Sometimes a little cold is there which can be cured with a warm thermal.

It will also not affect your style statement.


As it is said weather in hilly areas is unpredictable so always carry an umbrella with a raincoat. Rainwear will help you in getting wet. But an umbrella will gives you a style statement.

It will gives double benefit by protecting you from the sun.


Beanie keeps you warm and protect in winters. Wait!! No no!! It is stylish and it looks cute. It flaunts you. Choose your favorite color and look cute and also add on in winter to protect from chill winds.


Toiletries are necessity in tour to hilly areas. Sometimes your skin can become too dry that you have to apply moisturize.

It is belief that while travelling to hilly areas there is no need to apply sunscreen which is wrong. It is recommended to use sunscreen to protect from sunburn.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sun is extremely bright in hilly areas and polarized sunglasses will help us in enjoying the beauty of hills without damaging the eyes as it will cut the glare and haze.

First Aid Kit

First aid kid is always important whether you are going for hilly or plain areas. First aid kit should be full with medicines for headache stomach ache, fever etc. and band aids and antiseptics.

First Aid

Your travelling kit is ready for hilly areas. Don’t forget to carry camera as it is memory for life time. Pack your backpacks in such way that it makes you feel comfortable while walking. You can role on clothes. Have a safe journey and don’t forget to mention in comment section whether it helps you or not.

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