Experience the Mouth Watering Cuisine on These Perfect Destinations on Earth

A real foodie knows how it is to travel destinations and savor on the best quality of cuisines. The food is considered the reflection of a culture and some overseas destinations are known for the utmost taste in their food whether you are going for the streets or the five-star restaurants.

Let’s check out these amazing destinations that offer mouth-watering dishes-

1. France – Bakery and Wine

France Bakery and Wine

Whether it is about street food or the 7-star restaurants, France is known for its cookery heritage along with its amusing cultural vibe. Paris, the capital of France alone adds up thousands of restaurants where one can have an economical to luxurious cuisine life. There is this huge bakery variety that brings you freshly delicious bread, pastries, cheeses, and yeah wine as well.

There is no limit on quality seafood and all kind of meat dishes that you can enjoy your drink with. Don’t forget to visit the European country being a pal who lives to eat. It is not just the Ratatouille, and there are the oysters, Basque-Style Chicken, Breton Buckwheat Pancakes, and Quiche Lorraine as well.

2. Singapore – The Blend of Cultures

Singapore The Blend of Cultures

Singapore is a place that presents you the blend of different cultures plus its own culinary. Here you experience a reflection of various cultures in the form of food. Whether it is Thai, Chinese, Indian, or American cuisine, people find the global food menu here and praise a lot.

Wanton Mee, the noodle dish, Mud crab, and Red snapper head curry are some of the local Singapore dishes you must try. Also, when it comes to affordability, Singapore gets the place as those roadside hawkers are known to serve the most delicious laksa, chili crab, fried carrot cake, chicken, and much more.

3. Vietnam – Reasonable yet Delectable

Vietnam Reasonable yet Delectable

The Vietnamese food that is known for being the most economical; people enjoy having the street side cuisines. The flavor and aroma are what makes you grab the cuisines plus the steamed variety takes the awe of a foodie. There is much more than pho and banh mi such as the Cao lau, Hen xuc banh trang – the best companion of beer, and Mi xao mem – the fried egg noodle dish.

Along with the dishes, you should not leave the primary ingredient – the fish sauce and have it like a local Vietnamese.

4. Italy – The Legacy for Wine and Food

Italy – The Legacy for Wine and Food

When you hear the word ‘Italy’ the word wine tasting clicks mind. However, Italy is more than that and for a combination of food and wine, the European country deserves to be on your list. Italy can’t be defined by naming a few dishes because in the name of food there is much more to see and eat.

Each region has its own specialty, and you just can’t get over with trying out every single dish. It does not mean that the food has to be the premium class for the price, but it can be affordable by a traveler foodie. Even though there is the Pizza Margherita, Risotto, Prosciutto, and Ravioli – the veggie dish are some of the dishes you can have a taste of.

5. Mexico – Spices in the Best Form

Mexico – Spices in the Best Form

When it comes to Mexico, you may imagine those nachos, chips, or burritos; however, the real story is different. The authentic Mexican dishes are the creations that add up fresh meats, fishes, sauces and garnishing with the real herbs and spices. Chicken Quesadillas, Chilli Con Carne, Tomato Salsa, Chicken Tacos are some must-try dishes when you hit the earth of the Mexicans.

Have a tour of the food market, and you would miss the culinary the entire life. You would know why it is the UNESCO protected heritage where most of the food is so cost-friendly that you only have to spend around $3 and that is all.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is the Tlayudas from Mexico or the French recipe Gratin Dauphinois, these regions mentioned above are must try whenever you plan to travel as being a foodie. Not only the foodie but the picky ones should have a visit to these regions and see how greatly every single cuisine savors your taste buds.

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