Explore Best Things about Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

What makes Kashmir such a popular tourist destination?

Kashmir is known as “paradise on earth,” and its natural beauty backs up this claim. Kashmir has long been a famous tourist destination, with visitors coming to revitalize their souls by spending time in the mountains and meadows. Kashmir has the most picturesque vistas in the world, which no other tour can match. Trips to such gorgeous areas are organized all year by travel firms like Riding Solo, but the best time to explore Kashmir Great Lakes Trek┬áis from July to September.

Why should one go to the Great Lakes of Kashmir?

Everyone’s bucket list includes a trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes. A trip to Kashmir will be incomplete without seeing these beautiful lakes. The travelers will be greeted by more than seven massive lakes and five breathtaking valleys.

Is it worthwhile to go to the lakes?

Yes, the lakes are a visual pleasure. The wonderful and calm mood is created by the deep blue water of the lakes surrounded by wildflowers. In this environment, the heart experiences ultimate calm and is cleansed of all impurities. These lakes get their water from the neighboring mountains and glaciers melting snow. On the sapphire blue surface of these lakes, milk-white snow patches can be seen floating. The blue sky above the alpine lakes, surrounded by mountains and meadows, creates a picture-perfect scene.

Which of the lakes is the most beautiful?

Gadsar Lake is the most picturesque and least visited lake in the area. Gadsar translates to “lake of fishes.” This lake is home to a variety of fish species. Because it is located after the highest point of the KGL hike, getting to this lake is rather challenging. The lake is surrounded by glaciers, from which it receives its water from. The lake’s attractiveness is enhanced by the numerous colorful valleys that surround it.

What are some of the wonderful vistas that may be seen along the hiking trail?

The hike takes 7 to 9 days and is moderately challenging. The trek is 63 kilometers long and 13,000 feet above sea level. Sonamarg, on the Srinagar road, is the starting point for the trek. There are several things on this trail that will blow the trekker’s head.

The twin lakes of Vishnasar and Kishnasarhypnotise visitors.

The trekking trails pass through beautiful lush green meadows. They are lush with vegetation and a variety of flora and fauna. The valleys are grazed by horses and livestock. The meadow of Satsar, out of all the meadows, is the most well-kept.

The trekking track is enhanced by rich forests of oak, deodar, maple, alpine, and rhododendron. Crossing these forests is thrilling.

Is this a decent time to go on this journey in the winter?

Due to the snow, the beauty of nature cannot be fully appreciated in the winter. As a result, the best months for a Kashmir Great Lakes hike are July to September. During these months, nature blooms with color and provides stunning views.

We’ve always heard that Kashmir is India’s most beautiful state, and the Great Lakes in this valley have proven it. You will be treated to views that you could only imagine. During the trip, you will be utterly enthralled by everything you see.

The Kashmir Great Lakes journey is something that everyone should accomplish at least once in their lives. In a seven-day walk, you’ll see seven lakes and five distinct valleys. This trek reaches a maximum altitude of 13,800 feet. You can also arrange a package with Riding Solo to take advantage of their advantageous services for this adventure.

During the walk, you can’t afford to miss out on the following sights.

The walk is not complete without seeing the magnificence of the alpine lakes, particularly Gadsar Lake. You’ll fall in love with the walk because of the water and the tranquility of the setting. The water’s tint contrasts sharply with the rest of the scene.

Kashmir Great Lakes trip

The vista from the Gadsar Pass is likewise not to be missed. When you look back at the route you’ve taken after the climb, you’ll notice the twin lakes of Vishansar and Kishansar. On the other hand, the Gadsar valley meadows will be visible.

The Satsar meadows are another view to keep an eye out for. This location’s view is similar to glancing at a laptop or computer’s wallpaper. It’s very incredible. It is situated in the midst of steep mountains with lush green grass to add to its attractiveness.

The final option is to walk from Gangabal to the tree line. During the walk, you will acquire the nicest images in this place. On the route, you’ll pass by large trees and golden flowers.

Only in Kashmir will you be able to see these sights. The sights are worth recording on film and in your heart.

When is the best time to go on this hike?

From July to September is the optimum time to go on a Kashmir Great Lakes trip. During this period, the weather remains moderate and pleasant. At this time of year, your body will be able to cope with the ambient temperature. So get in touch with Riding Solo right immediately to schedule your package.

Also, make sure you have all of the important goods in your bag, such as water, food, clothing, medications, and other necessities. Also, make sure the bag’s weight isn’t excessively heavy. The bag should be light enough to carry for several hours of hiking.

Prepare yourself by meticulously packing and researching and getting ready to encounter beauty like you’ve never seen before.

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