Siam Park is a Siamese themed water park with the most impressive water attractions in the world, located in the suburb coast of Costa Adeje in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Set against a backdrop of scenic Thai design, it offers thrilling water rides for the adrenaline addicts, family fun splash outs for children and young families, as well as relaxing beaches, lush walkways, and spectacular scenery for those who prefer to take things easy.


Siam Park Costa Adeje started construction in 2004, costing over 50 million euros. The park finally opened in 2008 with a Thai theme necessarily at its core, with mimicked architecture and scenery found from Thailand. This theme runs throughout the whole park, even to its rides and restaurants, making it the most extensive collection of Thai buildings outside of Thailand. If you’re a fan of Thai culture, then this would be an excellent place to visit as a reminder, as the restaurants serve Thai food and there is also an authentic Thai floating market for you to explore and shop.

As a result of the construction of the park, it now holds five world records; the world’s most giant statue of a dragon, the most significant human-made wave in the world, increased the diversity of slides, world’s largest Thai building outside of Asia and increased elevation within the lazy river. For anybody thinking about visiting, these prove to be impressive stats.

Tenerife seems like the perfect location for a water park when you look at the geography of the island.

Siam Park History

As the landmass is a result of volcanic activity, there are many hills and elevations which surround the mountain in the center of the island. This makes for a great natural platform to build water slides because as we all know, water slides need gravity to work, and the best slides come with more significant drops. As a result, Siam Park Tenerife has some of the most daring slides in the world.

Introducing Tenerife; The Home Siam Park

Due to Tenerife’s year-round mild climate, the island has seen an increased concentration in the number of attractions over the last decade. Subsequently, this has boosted the amount of tourism the island receives and has proved to be its primary source of income.

Its location, just off the coast of North Africa, means that tourism mainly comes from Europe, with U.K. residents visiting the most. However, it isn’t just the warm weather which attracts guests; it’s the recent addition of theme parks which make this island a more favorable location for families on their holidays.

Tenerife is also home to two of the biggest theme parks in Europe, Siam Park, and Loro Parque. Taking advantage of the year-round warm weather, Siam Park is a thrilling water park themed around the Thai culture. Along with the sun and water, tourists from all over Europe travel to Tenerife, especially to take part in the fun at this park, sometimes staying for weeks.

Family Fun Splash Attractions

Siam Park is worthy of its beach and the beach club. Surfing at the park is a great attraction that Siam Park offers the most prominent artificial waves of the world reaching.

  • Naga Racer

To conclude the fun, one family cannot miss the most enjoyable adventure of living a race of slides. Racers grab a mat and speed up down the Naga Racer slides.

  • Sawasdee

Siam Park completes the adventure for the little ones with Sawasdee. The special children’s area that introduces the best attractions for the grown-ups, modified to the size of the smallest one. An experience where the fun is limitless, a real jungle with several water slides to match the drives of all the children. Sawasdee children’s zone has more small variants of the adult rides, so the younger companies don’t have to miss out! Sawasdee is a child-friendly version of The Dragon and other thrilling rides.

  • Jungle Snake

The snakes are already dressed in Jungle Snakes. Take an inflatable tube up the stairs and shove down one of four Jungle Snakes – Boa, Python, Cobra, and Viper. On floats, single or in pairs, sliders will float on a thin coat of water while gliding through the depths of the jungle.

Pay close attention to wonders because some slides are clear and sliders can view the spectacle, but others will immerse in the adventure.

  • The Lost City

Siam Park is full of wonders for people of every age. Therefore, the younger ones have their children ́s area where they can experience the free playing of waters. The Lost City is made with multiple towers, platforms, nets, waterfalls, and water slides. Furthermore, The Lost City is the unique pool designed for babies on the entire Canary Islands.

This area is planned explicitly for younger kids who might not be tall enough to enjoy other main rides. With columns, bridges, meshes, cascades, streams and gentle slides, little ones can have moments of splashy fun.

  • The Wave Palace

Siam Park has multiple claims to rep but none that we’re nobler than the wave pool. The biggest artificial waves in the world. Rising to 3 meters high guest can dive right in and let the surf clatter over or paddle at the edges of the astonishing and vast white sands. Wave Palace is the ideal spot to drive the waves or enjoy the water lapping over feet on its beautiful sun-bleached beach.

  • The Giant

All members of the family will have a lot of fun at “El Gigante”, the most prominent one in the world, which will take any member of the family to a world of fantasy and imaginative experience while sliding through the remarkable funnel of this attraction. For single or double riders, grab an inflatable ring and conquer The Giant Slide throughout the edges of the tunnel and prepare to fluff the plughole backward.

Siam Park Adrenaline Attractions

If you’re one of those people who crave a little more excitement in their lives, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with adrenaline pushing attractions:

  • The Dragon

The Dragon is an adrenaline rush slide inside a 10-meter high tunnel. The minimum height for a rider is 1.25 meters. Four people riding in a float can share this extraordinary slide. It brings you the actual sensation of zero-gravity experience.

This high-speed raft ride is excellent for groups of friends, as they can all join in the fun together. Accelerate into the massive funnel at a 45-degree angle and zero-gravity adventure as they slide from side to side along the 20-meter full tunnel. Look out for the gigantic Dragon before finally plunging into the water subsequently. The Dragon is one of the most favorite rides in the park, so make sure to get there early to meet the beast.

  • Tower of Power

The Tower of Power is a “Need for Speed” experience! This 25-meter high open-air water slide can reach a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour from the top to bottom of a 76-meter long slide. A minimum of 14 years old with a height of 1.4 meters and above is a requirement for a single rider.

Siam Park pool

Tower of Power is unquestionably one of the most famous water slides at Siam Park. Tower of Power is the ultimate water slide. Sliders will be gripped with fear from start to finish, but the kind of alarm that will make them want to encounter the Tower of Power over and over again. Climb the tower and get ready for a near-vertical 28-meter drop that will send a speed racing through a transparent tunnel that flows through the middle of a shark aquarium.

  • Vulcano

Another most exciting slides in Siam Park has to be Vulcano, a four-person ProSlide Behemoth Bowl slide including an amazing laser which displays the image of a dragon. In total there are ten water attractions in the park with plans for more, proving to be an excellent experience for anyone who is a fan of getting wet this summer.

A breath-taking waterslide that will catapult you into complete darkness as you plummet through the center of a volcano! You’ll feel as though you’re caught in the bubbling flow of lava as you race through the rough rapids. Marvel at incredible laser light shows along the way before plunging into the landing pool.

Looking for some more action? Try Siam Park. Home to rides such as The Dragon, and the Tower of Power, this Thai themed water park hosts the tallest water slide on the world.

How to Get There

Siam Park provides its double-decker buses to pick up guests from various places in Tenerife. In Los Cristianos, the bus stop is at C.C. Pasarela and Hotel Sol Arona Tenerife. In Las Americas, they pick up at C.C. Presidente, Best Tenerife, and Llanos de Troya. In Costa Adeje, you may have to wait for the shuttle service at C.C. El Duque, Fañabé Plaza, or Ocean Park.

Siam Park is open from 10 in the morning up to 6 in the evening during summer (May 1st until October 31st), and from 10 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon during winter (November 1st till April 30th). These schedules are subject to change.

You should check out Siam Park, a thrilling water park with some of the most daring slides in the world and this is what we will be looking at! Young and old alike will fall prey to the fun and relaxation at Siam Park.

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