Five Yummy Italian Cheeses Every Foodie Must Know About

Known as the land of sophisticated taste, Italy is known for offering scrumptious delicacies to the world. Pizza, pasta, spaghetti, tiramisu and other delectable dishes, all belong to the Italian food menu. The mere mention of these dishes might send tingles to your taste buds. Have you ever thought about the special ingredient that makes these delicacies, the finest of all? We all know how most Italian dishes come loaded with cheese and therefore, the special ingredient that we’ve been talking about here is, cheese itself. Italy has always been associated with exotic cheeses. Let’s get you a little more familiar with the different types of cheeses which are brought into the making of your favorite Italian delicacy.

If you’re a foodie, these 5 yummy cheeses are what you should be acquainted with:

1.Mozzarella: There is a common misconception related to Mozzarella. A lot of people think that this is the only cheese which is used in Italian dishes. It is one of the most famous and widely used Italian cheeses. Made out of buffalo milk, this cheese has an alluring white hue. It has a soft and chewy texture, and a mild taste. It is mainly used in dishes like lasagna and pizza.

2.Ricotta: Ricotta is a crumbly, soft white cheese which is made out of the whey of cow’s milk. This cheese can be used in almost every dish; be it sweet or salty. It can be easily found in areas outside Italy as well.

Five Yummy Italian Cheeses
3.Gorgonzola: This one is a special creamy-blue cheese, which comes from Lombardy. Gorgonzola cheese is of two types, Mountain and Dolce. The former has a sharper taste, whereas the latter is a sweeter cheese. Gorgonzola is an excellent cheese, which can be enjoyed with hot soup or stews. The sweeter Gorgonzola can be consumed with desserts and fruits. Gorgonzola Mountain can be the perfect partner for the bubbling Italian wines.

Five Yummy Italian Cheeses

4.Parmesan: Parmesan is a full-flavored cheese, which has a hard rind. Be it grating or filling, this one can be used in any way you like. Freshly made and long-aged Parmesan cheese is readily available. Both these types are slightly different from each other when it comes to the taste.

Five Yummy Italian Cheeses

5. Mascarpone: Mascarpone is a rich whipped cheese, which is mostly used in Italian desserts. It has a mild flavor which is the main reason that it goes excellently with the sweet dishes.

Five Yummy Italian Cheeses

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