Free Apps For Working Parents

The life of a working parent can sometimes be difficult. It is of course wonderful to be able to provide for your family and make them happy, but sometimes the stress of it all can be a bit overwhelming. This infographic from Happy Cleans takes you through a range of highly rated apps to make life a bit easier for parents who work full-time.

Helpful apps for working parents


It can often feel like the work never ends and after a long and stressful day at work, you can home to your other job! Often the rest of the family doesn’t help out enough and it’s left to you to pick up the slack. Two apps can be of particular benefit here. The first one is called Happy Kids Timer and it encourages even very young kids to do things like brush their teeth and make their bed. Even if these tasks were taken off your daily list, it would make a huge difference.

Another very handy app is one called Chorma as it turns household tasks into a bit of a competition. Everyone in the family claims tasks and earn points for completing them and you’d be surprised how competitive teenagers can get. Check out the full infographic now!


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