Hearing Aid -The Solution to Your Social Anxiety Problem!

What is anxiety? It is a state of mind where one can be fretting, worried or apprehensive about some issue, or very concerned about something. One can be anxious about a result, about a forthcoming event and most common about an important health issue.  Anxiety is normal and disappears after the issue gets solved and most often does not need medication.

One major cause of anxiety is hearing loss or impairment. Ageing is the major factor for loss of hearing. All faculties are on a decline from the age of sixty onwards. Hearing is the first to be affected along with sight. This condition is irreversible. Hearing loss can also occur from the time of birth, or because of injuries at any stage in life.



Anxiety needs to be addressed when it is over a long period and starts controlling everyday life. Issues that cause anxiety need to be taken care of effectively. Anxiety can also cause a reluctance to wear hearing aids. It is perceived to make the wearer “look old”.

Self-help information and advice from an experienced anxiety counsellor is the most effective way to address the symptoms till the core cause of anxiety is addressed –Hearing loss in this case.

Hearing loss caused by ear wax build up, some medications, exposure to high decibel noises and injuries are easily treatable but can still cause anxiety in various degrees.

How to self determine hearing loss?

  • Cupping the ear or straining to hear
  • Muffled or muted sound like sounds from under water
  • Feeling of “stuffed” or “blocked” ears
  • Pressure or fullness in the ear

Hearing can be impaired in either one or in both ears.

Untreated hearing loss is a major cause of nervousness and anxiety.People with hearing loss simply withdraw from the family and society. They find it very stressful and exhausting to strain to hear. It is also very embarrassing to respond inaptly or incorrectly and be a cause of ridicule which is why the hearing impaired withdraw into a shell. Then the other fall out of withdrawal like depression and dementia begin.Insensitive people add hurt to the embarrassment. The best way to avoid these unpleasant situations is to gently impress upon the family member about the hearing loss and begin treatment plans. Ultimately they will have to get fitted with a hearing aid.


Hearing Aid man

Ideally, the hearing loss should be rectified at the onset or at the first sign. The routine will be to visit an audiologist, go through some diagnostic tests and get fitted with a hearing aid. Both physiological and psychological problems will be solved.

Wearing Hearing aids provide a clearer hearing, leading to better communication. This in turn, strengthens relationships because of the hearing impaired lead normal, social and more independent and active lives.

Age is only a number and beauty is skin deep. So put on your hearing aid and enjoy life.

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