Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

In the digital marketing world, the significance of content marketing is growing. Content is the center of marketing; and as content marketing patterns develop, they will shape the future of marketing. Content marketing has now turned into the best way to deliver the message with assurance because of continually expanding the number of promotion blocker programming clients over the globe. Content marketing offers better commitment and high conversion rate. Additionally, content marketing helps in generating 3 times higher the number of deals than any other traditional methods for marketing and has the potential for driving 8 times higher web traffic.

The way in which content marketing efforts and content strategies are made is developing. Customers need interactive and informative content and predominant customer experience. Videos and podcasts enable customers to get familiar with brands in a different way, social media life is becoming progressively popular, and influencer marketing is also on the rise.


As the amount of content on the web expands each day, we see a more noteworthy enhancement in the sorts of content made and how that content is utilized. Content marketing trends have continuously been evolving. It is increasingly important now for advertisers to be updated and adjust strategy to the changing business sector and methods for marketing to draw in customers to the business. With more access to information and propelled strategies, it is easier to know the clients’ preferences and standardize the marketing way to stay ahead in the competition.

So as to remain up front in the challenge and be recognized as a business that effectively use content marketing to build brand awareness, the loyalty of the clients and at last the business, you have to follow the trends that work best for your business. In this infographic, Contentualize has assembled the top B2B content promoting patterns that will dominate the business world this year.

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