How Can I Find a Reliable Auto Body Shop?

Every car owner has to take his car to an auto body shop for routine servicing or maintenance, or collision repair at some time or the other. In fact, you just cannot separate an auto repair shop from your car because you and your car are regular visitors there. A car repair shop is just like the clinic of our family doctor where we visit for a regular health check-up or emergency illness. The same holds true for the best auto body shop where you take your car for fixing. However, is your preferred auto shop really the best in business or just another average auto body shop?

Do you know what are the qualities of the best auto body shops that differentiate them from average auto shops? Read on to find out more about it so that you can know whether your car repair shop fulfills below-mentioned requirements, or you need to change and upgrade to a better and more professional auto body shop.

  • Does the shop look clean and well-organized?

When you visit an auto body shop for the first time to have some idea about its way of functioning, take a look at it and see if it is clean and well organized. Even though it is supposed to be a place where lot of oil is drained, and grease and other lubricants are used, it still has to look well organized with separate areas for car repair, car painting, frame straightening and car washing. See that the tools and equipment used by them are stored at one specific place and it has separate customers’ lounge too.

  • Is it I Car Gold certified?

Do not forget to ask if the auto repair shop is I Car Gold certified or not. This certification is an indication that the auto repair shop has received training, education, and certification from the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair. This certification is given only after the industry has ensured that the body shops have required knowledge, training, experience, skills, tools and equipment, and facilities to offer professional, high-quality repairs.

  • Does the shop use latest tools and equipment?

Reliable Auto Body ShopThe best auto body shops keep themselves updated with the latest technology in car repair industry. This includes the use of modern tools and equipment that help technicians to carry out even the most complex repair jobs with high efficiency and accuracy. You can check the shop if it uses frame straightening machine and environment-friendly painting, which shows that the shop uses latest car repair procedures.

  • Is the staff experienced and skilled?

Here, staff refers to technical staff which carries out car repairs. The best auto body shop only employs manufacturer-certified and trained technicians who are efficient to carry out car repairs on top-end, premium segment luxury cars, SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. They have enough experience to deal with any sort of car repair in quick time, with utmost efficiency.

  • Does the shop offer warranty on its repairs?

This is no-brainer, really. Just remember that the auto body shop that does not offer the warranty on its work or shies from taking responsibility is not a shop that can be trusted and it’s mainly due to sub-standard repair work and poor-quality spares used. The best auto body shop will never compromise on the quality of spare parts and repairs, and it stands by its work even after the repairs. It will rectify any fault that may have resulted due to improper repairs.

Coming to conclusion, these are some essential qualities of the best auto body shops. Is your car repair shop the best?

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