How Does CBD Oil Help to Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

The increase in the use of CBD (cannabidiol) has to lead to more CBD products, including CBD oil on the shelves. CBD provides a mirage of health benefits to the user. Some people take CBD oil to fight daily worries while others use it to combat more severe conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a common sickness in the US. According to ADAA, more than 18% of the population suffers from anxiety disorders every year. Medication and psychotherapy can help to fight anxiety disorders. However, many individuals do not prefer these standard ways and opt for natural, self-treat options like CBD oil.

Before we discuss more on CBD oil and stress and anxiety, let’s explain what they are:

What is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil

CBD is a hemp plant extract. Another common extract is THC, though the plant has other 400+ compounds. CBD is a moderate ingredient that provides several health benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce “high” feeling because it does not have psychoactive effects on one’s brain.

CBD comes in different forms; pure CBD oil, CBD gummies, vape oil, hemp oil, capsules, or other edibles and you can buy them on Ontario weed online dispensaries. CBD can affect serotonin levels; it has a direct influence on a person’s CB1 receptors. Therefore, CBD oil can help combat stress, anxiety, and depression because serotonin is a transmitter that can play a significant role in mood disorder.

What are stress and anxiety?

Stress occurs when a person responds to an external force, primarily due to a trigger that leaves her distressed. Signs of stress generally disappear after some time. But, long-term stress is probable if one is experiencing emotional strain.

Anxiety is amongst behavioral and emotional issues in society. A report released in 2017 by WHO suggests that about 264 million worldwide have anxiety. Therefore, healthcare professionals and researchers from different parts of the world are in search of new and better ways to help fight stress and anxiety.

Excessive worry and restlessness are some of the symptoms of anxiety. A person with anxiety has difficulty making decisions, tolerating criticism, or speaking in public. Social anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and panic disorder are amongst the types of anxiety disorders.

CBD oil for anxiety

It is wise to experiment with distinct CBD oil application ways to find one that produces the best results for you. People suffering from anxiety disorder can use CBD capsules or gummies. It can proactively reduce nervous feelings before they start, instead of waiting for CBD to reduce anxiety when it has already set in.

CBD oil for stress

It is prudent for people suffering from anxiety to use a standard dose of CBD oil to lessen some signs. People will tend to consume CBD oil at the moment when it affects them because stress is unpredictable sometimes, mainly if an unanticipated trigger occurs.

Sublingual CBD oil drops are the fastest way of taking CBD oil to combat stress. However, take CBD oil regularly if you are suffering from chronic stress.

How CBD oil fights anxiety

CBD can combat anxiety by fueling neural regeneration and neurotransmitter systems. Here’s how:

  • Serotonin CBD binds to a serotonin receptor, 5-HT1A which is believed to play a critical role in anxiety disorders. Therefore, its anti-anxiety effects help to manage anxiety.
  • Endocannabinoids – a person’s body naturally manufactures cannabinoids to be used in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). However, stress can dysregulate ECS. Therefore, CBD helps reinstate balance to the ECS by stopping over-arousal of CB1 receptors and also by improving the production of endocannabinoids in the body.
  • Neural regeneration – through chronic stress might damage neurons and shrink the brain, specific areas of your brain can still regenerate. CBD from cannabis sativa boosts the process of forming new neurons, help make new connections, and support the growth of the brain. Therefore, CBD can help to offset brain damage as a result of chronic stress.

Studies showing that CBD oil can help reduce stress and anxiety

As per a small study in 2010, CBD might help suppress signs of social anxiety in individuals with SAD (social anxiety disorder). It can make one feel better and can change the way your brain responds to anxiety.

CBD may suppress social anxiety. This is according to a 2011 study. The researchers looked particularly at CBD to combat anxiety related to public speaking.

A conclusion by a 2015 analysis of the early studies shows that CBD oil is a potential treatment for different types of anxiety, including panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

An exploration to determine whether CBD can reduce signs of anxiety-provoked sleep disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in a kid with an account of trauma by a 2016 case study shows that CBD reduces such anxiety and it helps the kid with her sleep.


Many people find success in consuming CBD oil to lessen their stress or anxiety linked signs. Therefore, it might be amongst the solution to such problems. CBD might affect people differently thus, consult your doctor before making changes if you are using it.

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