How to Choose A Wedding Photographer (Infographic)

Photography will be one of your most important wedding day expenses, so it’s key to choose a photographer that you’re happy with. Read our guide to discover top tips on how to find the right wedding photographer for you.

The Value of Beautiful Wedding Photography

Many couples are surprised by the high cost of wedding photography. However, once their wedding day is over most will agree that it was worth the expense. So why is this? Firstly, you are paying for quality and expertise. A skilled photographer will be able to capture all of the best moments of your special day to create a truly beautiful keepsake that you and your loved ones can treasure for a lifetime. In order to produce the best photos possible, the photographer will make use of top-of-the-range photographic equipment and editing material. Finally, the final cost may include a variety of products including expertly-produced prints, digital images and a curated wedding album.

Finding the Right Photographer for You

The first step to finding a good photographer is all about research, research, research! Use online resources and personal contacts to get as much information about photographers in your area. Once you have identified some decent local photographers, inspect their online portfolios to judge the quality of their work and to see if their style appeals to you. After this, it is a good idea to arrange meetings with prospective photographers. This is a great opportunity to share your vision for the day and ask some questions. Once you have found a photographer that you like, you will need to negotiate and sign a contract.

Some Questions to Ask Photographers

  • What do your different packages include?
  • How would you describe your photography style?
  • Have you shot a wedding at my venue before?
  • Will I have full rights to my wedding photos?
  • How long does it typically take to get the photos ready and how will I access them?
  • What happens if for some reason you are unable to make it to my wedding?
  • Could I please view a sample contract?

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer (Infographic)

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If you are in the midst of hiring a wedding photographer and would like some more advice, then we advise reading the below infographic which comes courtesy of The Wedding Band Shop. This guide covers a wide range of topics including costing, budgeting, when to book, mistakes to avoid, and how to find the right photographer for you.

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