How to Choose the Stone of my Engagement Ring in 5 Steps

This is a choice that is not made lightly … the engagement ring symbolizes the great plunge, commitment to the love of your life, so do not be wrong! Gentlemen, before you even think of the way in which you will make your request, you must take the time to choose THE RING which will make him capsize the heart! She usually waits for this moment since childhood and has only one hurry: announce it to all those around her. Well, we put a little pressure on you, but we are also here to help you choose the ring of your dreams! Find in this article our 5 key steps to choosing your stone.

  • Step 1. The budget
  • Step 2. The choice of the stone
  • Step 3. Resistance
  • Step 4. The different types of gold
  • Step 5. The ring style

Step 1.The Budget

First of all, you have to define the budget. That in general the future fiancé spends approximately 1 to 2 months of salary for the purchase of the famous ring. The price ranges are very variable but are usually between 1200 and 2000$. It all depends on the size of the stone, as well as the number. It is still possible to find a nice diamond from 450$. Even if you like it to madness do not go spend all your savings for the engagement ring, because logically behind there will be the wedding ring.

You have two options, choose His And Her Ring Sets made or bespoke. Contrary to popular belief, the custom does not necessarily cost more “we see together the budget and then do something specific, there is no bad surprise.

Anne of the Workshop of the Crazy Sun and the Loving Moon exposes us the advantages of the made-to-measure by a craftsman: ” The jewel is manufactured by a craftsman express for the person, for a very particular occasion, it adds value. An artisan jewel can be transmitted, unlike an industrial jewel. “

Step 2. The choice of the stone

engagement ring left hand fourth finger

When we talk about engagement ring, diamond is the gemstone we think most often. Obviously the first question that arises when we choose this ring is: “Are you diamond?” Symbol of eternity and purity the diamond is the most popular stone, ” we mostly make engagement rings with one (or more) “Diamond, for its solidity and also for the symbolic ” explains Anne of the Workshop of the Crazy Sun and the Loving Moon .

The choice of the stone is still very personal and totally depends on the tastes, if it does not like the diamond – yes it happens – you can choose the originality with a colored stone. It is quite possible to create a beautiful engagement diamond ring mounted with a ruby or a sapphire.

Back in fashion with the engagement ring of Kate Middleton the sapphire of a deep blue evokes loyalty and symbolizes love. The shimmering green of the emerald is a symbol of hope and fertility. If you are looking for passion and happiness you can opt for ruby, one of the rarest, intensely red gems. For more sweetness, and always happiness, you can choose the blue aquamarine, associated with the sea, which offers several shades of blue: smoked, cobalt, teal or blue-yellow. Gentlemen, if you hesitate in your choice.

Besides the aesthetic details, you can choose an ethical and human jewel. Little more about the subject: “This ring must be a reflection of feelings. It is important that the jewel itself is pure, that there is no human impact behind this engagement ring, and therefore to choose an ethical diamond. “MIDWEST JEWELERY informs and certifies the country of origin and the ethical origin of its diamonds and precious stones, to be sure that the human rights are well respected there.

Step 3. Resistance

Although the beauty of the stone is the determining factor, its resistance should also be taken into account. Indeed, scratches and oxidation can deteriorate your ring over the years, so it is necessary to know a little more about the complex world of precious stones and minerals.

The resistance of a material is measured on the Mohs scale. We observe, thanks to this tool, the relative hardness of the minerals. It works from one to ten, having as references talc , which is the weakest mineral, and diamond , which occupies the first place on the podium. Taking this into account, the favorite stones of the bride and groom are usually diamond, sapphire and ruby , beautiful and resistant at the same time, with a ten hardness in the first case and a nine for the other two.

The emerald holds the eighth place in the ranking, the aquamarine , oscillates between seven and a half and eight points of hardness, the amethyst is placed in seventh position, the garnet between six hours and half and seven hours and half followed by opal , with a resistance of six.

Step 4. The different types of gold

After choosing the stone, the metal is just as important. ” We only use gold (18 carats), after it is white, gray, yellow, pink or red it depends on the tastes. If you want to surprise your future wife, you must first observe the rings she already has and know her preference. If she does not wear jewelry in particular you can also do according to her complexion.

The choice is often made of white gold, which combines perfectly with diamonds and all types of skin. Yellow gold suits it very well with shimmering colored stones, and goes perfectly to women with a matte complexion. You can also choose pink gold; see red, which owes its color to copper. It is a golden color that stands out well on light skin. Red gold, very fashionable in recent years, the alloy contains only gold and copper.

Yellow gold is normally composed of: 75% pure gold, 12.5% fine silver and 12.5% copper. The different colors of the gold are due to the variations of the metals and the distributions. So does not worry, no matter the color, the percentage of pure gold (75%) in the ring will always be the same!
If your choice is on white gold palladium rather than rhodium. The rhodium-plated white gold is covered with a layer of rhodium, to give it its white color; this layer wears with time and without maintenance, and reappears the pale yellow gold with the wear. Palladium white gold containspalladium and is more resistant.

If you are with your sweetheart advocates of nature and the environment you can make the choice of recycled gold and respect your convictions. “Gold mining is the most polluting mining activity in the world. We have chosen to recycle gold and make jewelry with environmental impact 0. Recycled gold has exactly the same qualities as new gold, better because it has an impact on the protection of the gold. Environment, “

Step 5. The ring style

It makes sense to choose the ring that best suits the personality of her lover. If she has a very classic look, wears discreet jewelry, so avoid giving him a monstrously big stone! Also think the ring according to his lifestyle. It is a jewel with which she will be comfortable every day, as at work.

In recent times the trend is to the vintage according. In recent times we return much too traditional rings, with a side a little old, vintage, and shapes worn by our grandmothers. ”

There is the infinity of models of engagement rings, but we can distinguish 3 main types of the engagement ring: the solitaire ring on which is crimped a single stone in its center. It’s THE classic! Model of elegance and refinement that represents the commitment and love of the fiancé. Solitaire shouldered: the ring is set with a diamond in its center surrounded by small diamonds, on all or part of the ring body. The trilogy: the ring consists of three diamonds of identical size.

Who says engagement means marriage … as the two rings are worn on the same finger, so you have to think about the alliance that will be associated with the engagement ring! And yes, gentlemen, it is not an easy task, but we are here to help you, and the smile of your beloved will be the greatest reward.

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