How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding (Infographic)

When choosing wines for your wedding reception, it’s important to find bottles that pair well with the menu, please your guests, and fit the budget. This may seem like a daunting task; it is very do-able with just a little forward-thinking. This super informative infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre offers a useful guide on all things wedding wine.

What Wines Will You Need to Provide?

If you plan to serve wine at your wedding, then generally speaking you will need to provide one type of red wine and one white wine. If you are hosting a summer wedding, then you may also want to consider using rosé as a wedding wine. You will also need one type of champagne or sparkling wine for toasts. When selecting wines, you will need to consider a range of factors including how well it will pair with the menu options and whether or not it fits your budget.

How Much Wine Should You Provide?

Your wine budget will be directly affected by how many people you invite to your reception. You should get about six glasses of wine per bottle. Allow for three glasses per person for dinner, so each adult guest gets about 2.15 bottles each. We also recommend bringing an extra case of wine just in case you need it.

As for sparkling wine, the serving size is much smaller so you should get about eight glasses per bottle. This will include one glass per person for the toast. If you are planning on kicking things off with a champagne reception, then you will need two glasses per person.

How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding (Infographic)


Option 1: Using the Venue’s Wine

Many couples decide to use wine that has been provided by the venue. This can be quite cost-effective as you will only be charged for what is consumed. You can also keep costs down by setting a cap on the number of bottles to be used. Most venues have an expert on staff who can guide you on the best wine-food pairings.

Option 2: Bring Your Own Wine

A large proportion of couples choose to bring their own wine to the wedding reception venue. If you bring your own wine, the venue will charge a corkage fee. This covers chilling/storing bottles in advance, staff serving the wine, use of the venue’s glassware, potential breakages, disposal of glass bottles and VAT. Fees can vary wildly between venues, but you may be able to negotiate a discount.

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