How to cure Achilles tendonitis fast? Causes, symptoms and treatment

Achilles tendonitis is caused due to the broken connective tissue that is positioned on the sides of the ankle. The first basic symptoms the patient observes include the tenderness, swelling, and a severe pain in the ankle portion of the leg. Usually, practicing exercise on a continuous basis, participating in this sports and physical activities such as running, climbing the hills, walking, and hiking wearing uncooperative shoes can lead to the occurrence of Achilles tendon.

Though most of the people in the recent times believe that the root cause of the Achilles tendon pain is the involvement of the person in physical activities, sports, and exercises. However, according to the various clinical reports, it has been proven that the exercises and physical activities are not always the major reason of Achilles tendon pain rather than tearing the connective tissues of the ankle, these activities aid the practitioner by inciting the developing symptoms of Achilles tendonitis. This guide will aid you to find out the best possible ways on how to cure Achilles tendonitis fast yet effectively.

Apart from the people involved in regular physical sports and exercises, the Achilles tendon has reported common in the people dealing with weak leg muscles and due to factors such as aging. Some of the major symptoms that can be experienced in Achilles tendonitis are as follows:

Achilles tendonitis treatment

  • Critical pain in either the ankle portion of your leg or on the top of your heel
  • The patient might undergo throbbing state when he tries to lift up the heel and stand to take the support of the toes.

  • The tenderness, swelling of the foot, and inflamed tissue are the major signs depicting Achilles Tendon

  • In some cases, patients also notice the generation of unusual sounds like popping or snapping while lifting the tendon.

If you want to ascertain if you have developed Achilles tendon then pinch the back of your foot or the side of the ankle. If you observe the serious pain paired with swelling and the limited stretch of the foot then you might have developed the Achilles tendon. Here are some essential tips that can turn out to be the top-most treatment for the Achilles tendon.

How to cure Achilles Tendonitis fast – Tips to recover from Tendon pain

With the advancement in technologies, the people can easily treat the Achilles taking some home remedies. However, in case of a complete rupture of the tendon, the patient is entailed to consult a doctor and opt for a surgery if needed. This is because though the minor break in the connective tissues of the ankle can be treated within a short period of time, the rupture in the same may last for more than 6 months or even a year. Here are some common treatments that can assist you to get rid of the severe tendon pain quickly:

  1. Massage with ice – this is the most preferred treatment as it not only reduces the pain in the ankles but provides fast recovery to the patient. Once you observe the symptoms of Achilles tendon, instantly apply icing to the affected section of your legs.

  2. Take Rest – make sure to not get engaged in any physical activity or exercise that can increase the trauma until you get a recovery from the Achilles tendonitis.

  3. Supportive shoes – if you want to avoid the tendonitis then nothing is better than opting for the supportive shoes for tendonitis. Besides that, it is advisable to practice compression and elevation to diminish tenderness and unwanted swelling in the ankles.

  4. Take medications– although the medication in such cases are not proven to be effective to fix the tissues, the same can help you to eliminate the critical pain for a short period of time. You can either consume the painkillers i.e., aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen or can utilize corticosteroids on the affected section. However, only use the painkillers and corticosteroids after consulting your doctor as this may also result in complete rupture of the tendon due to pressure.

  5. Prefer surgery– through the tendon Achilles get fixed within a few weeks, if the pain lasts for more than 6 months then it is advisable to get a surgery. However, before opting for a surgery, try all the above-listed methods for few weeks. Still, if you do not observe any modification then consults your doctor. In most of the Achilles tendonitis cases, doctors recommend Arthroscopic surgery as the same repairs the damaged tissues, heal the injuries caused by the trauma, and relieve pressure. As per the several surveys, it is observed that 80% of the people that undergo the open surgery for tendonitis tends to get back to their original state within 5-6 months.


These were some common remedies that can help you to avoid tendonitis or treat the same if you have developed it. Though all the above-listed remedies are safe, it is recommended to consult a doctor before practising them especially if you are already on a medication for other diseases.

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