How to Have a Successful Marriage in a Foreign Land ?

For most families, relocating to another region is a thrilling experience. Still, most people never plan for the challenges they can face as a couple.

Different countries have laws and regulations that govern marriages. For example, marriage certificate attestation in UAE is mandatory for the law of the land to recognize your marriage.

People have varied reasons why they decide to move and settle in another country. Some work with international organizations and are sent abroad as expatriates, while others move just for the fun of it or maybe to search for greener pastures. The process of settling in a foreign land is never easy, and processes such as marriage certificate attestation in UAE might appear tiring. Still, they are beneficial to the couple in the long run.

Bringing your family along as you relocate is an excellent idea, but you will need lots of adjustments. In the beginning, the relationship might be strained by other factors and stressful situations such as culture shock, little or no social circle and homesickness.

To help couples settle more easily in a foreign land, here are a few guidelines:

Make Peace Over Past Conflicts Before Traveling

For most couples, the idea of relocating might look like a chance for a new beginning that might help them resolve their domestic issues. They might, therefore, fail to iron out past conflicts before moving. Naturally, any unresolved issue will crop up sometime in the future. Domestic disputes might be harder to resolve in a foreign land.

A couple should, therefore, solve their conflicts before relocation. This move will ensure that while they are adjusting and dealing with settling down issues, past conflicts will not crop up.


Settling in a foreign land might take long. Initially, you will have to deal with unpleasant surprises, especially if you envisioned a seamless process. Frustrations will kick and the closest person, and most likely, the only person you can vent to is your partner. We advise that you directly communicate your frustrations by saying precisely what is bothering you. In some cases, you might be the only one getting frustrated, and your partner might not be able to relate with your struggles if you don’t let them in. Once they understand what you are going through, they will be able to offer proper support.

Be Lenient with Each Other

Successful Marriage Foreign Land

Settling in a new country will not be a walk in the park. At some point, one of you will get work-related frustrations. Another day, it could be a conflict with a problematic neighbor. It could also be frustrations from the immigration office as you try to get a residence license. You could also be trying to find your way around town and its proving stressful. All these can cause everyday arguments in the home.

During such a day, it is essential to be kind to both yourself and your partner. You should remind yourself that frustrations are usual and exercise some kindness around the house. Eat out once in a while, tour the city in your free time, find places that you like, catch a nice movie together. These might look like small things, but they will go a long way to help you relax and adjust to the new life, without conflict.

Give Each Other Some Space

While settling in a new country, you will get new friends and even acquire new hobbies. The highest chances are that one of you could be working full-time and as such you have very different programs. While you might prefer sitting at home reading a book, your partner might want to go out with colleagues after work. You should let each other be — this is healthy and will help both of you establish their social circle. This is not to say that you should not have fun together once in a while.

Be Romantic

In the heat of the moment, don’t forget to nature your relationship. Most people forget about romance when things become thick. Amid all the adjustments taking place, always set aside time for just the two of you. Do something you both love, have a candlelit dinner, stroll together, go out, and have fun. Never forget the love that attracted you to each other and which still exists but can easily be overpowered by everything that is happening. Send your partner romantic texts when you are not together. This will help you handle life together and save your marriage.

It Might Not Work Out

Be open-minded in the sense that all this might fail to work out. If this happens and both of you are struggling to cope, you are allowed to take a break. Relationships fail, and this does not mean that people stopped loving each other. It might be better for both of you calling it quits instead of going through so much emotional turmoil trying to stay together.

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