How to Help Your Teen Model Develop Elegance

Elegance is an admirable characteristic in a woman. Parents play a significant role in cultivating this in their daughters early on. Most people may think that elegance is a quality reserved for the more well-to-do, but this is not the case. Anyone who works on cultivating this quality in themselves can certainly possess it.

If you are the parent of a teen model, teaching her how to be graceful at all times and taking an elegant approach to her way of life is a rewarding goal. An air of elegance can set her apart from the rest, which is vital in the modeling world. What’s more, no matter what situation she finds herself in, you can trust her to know and protect her self-worth, and to act accordingly.

How exactly can you help your young working model develop elegance that can serve as her advantage in the career that she has chosen? Here are six tips you can follow:

1. Continuously develop this trait in yourself.

Elegance is something that you can work on throughout your life. Basically, you make an effort to bring quality even in the most trivial of things. If you accomplish this, your child can learn directly from you or even mirror your efforts.

As a parent, strive to be more patient, especially in moments of aggravation. Assess situations before reacting. Refine your speech, as well. If you tend to use cuss words often, how about gradually eliminating this habit? These little changes can have a significant impact on your own child’s demeanor.

2. Encourage good posture.

Encourage good posture

Back in the old days, young women attended finishing schools to learn how to carry their bodies well. A modeling academy can do the same for your child. If she’s signed with a reputable modeling agency for teens, you can get a recommendation for an academy that can improve the way your child holds her body.

Proper posture does not only make people look better, but it also gives off that air of confidence, which is a must-have in the modeling industry.

3. Make reading books a hobby.

Elegant people are well-informed or knowledgeable about a lot of things. This makes conversations so much easier and more delightful for them. So treat your teen model to books that cater to her interests, increase her understanding of different subjects, and inspire her.

Reading books will improve her as a person. There are many lessons that she can derive from reading. Plus, it can be a wonderful stress-reliever, too. When your teen is often busy juggling school and work, she can retreat to a different world by snuggling up in bed with a book.

4. Focus on grooming.

Grooming shows that you care about your appearance. However, it is also a manifestation of respect and courtesy for others. When a person is groomed and appropriately dressed to meet someone, it is a way of saying that the other person is worth the time and effort to be presentable.

This is an aspect of elegance that benefits the person practicing it as well as the people she deals with. For teen models, this can increase their likeability as talents.

5. Insist on politeness.

There’s so much to be said about people who are always friendly and courteous, and generally positive. Politeness is one of the key factors behind the prevention of awkward and emotionally charged interactions. It is also a great way to avoid stressful situations.

Politeness is not being a pushover. Instead, it is about being able to remain calm, collected, and respectful even with a dissenting stance. In the modeling world, emotions can sometimes run high, but if your child knows at a tender age how to deal with matters politely, you can have the assurance that she will thrive in her career.

6. Impart the value of holding back.

In the busy world of social media, the desire to share everything is strong, but learning how to keep private things away from the public eye can be more advantageous for a young model. It is a great way to preserve her real star quality and her happiness in her career.

youth class Develop Elegance

One of the leading advantages of holding back is it prevents stress. There’s no need to curate things to share heavily. Also, it can prevent conflict with negative people because it does not invite their judgment. What’s more, elegant people are more alluring because they know how to preserve their mystery, so other people’s curiosity about them stays alive.

There are more helpful things that can be shared, but one thing is for sure: Possessing elegance is an advantage, and it is beneficial if you cultivate it early. You can get more tips on how to support your teen model’s career by reading modeling blogs, which share everything from behind-the-scenes lessons, trends, and even legal policies for working young people.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest-running agency specializing in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties, and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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